Discovery- Tempest

Shakespearean apparent final master piece and both related texts go to endure this ensue of discovery through underlying symbols and motifs as well as metaphors and characterization of central characters through out, to thoroughly show how ones discovery can enlighten their perspectives. Within both Shakespearean The Tempest and Mended’ American beauty an essence of revolution of way of life and sense of self is moved through the protagonists within both texts as they unearth the reason for their surroundings that there forth creates a catalyst for change within themselves.

In The Tempest this sense of discovery is primarily evoked through the use of the Island as a metaphor, creating a sense of isolation and realization in order for characters to consolidate with ones self. As Prosper states, “thy father was Duke of Milan and a prince of power” , his diminished isolating environment allows him to evaluate his past as he were and realizes the great potential he lost. But as he undergoes the isolation, he learns to accept his past consequences , ” I embrace thy… Many, I bid a hearty welcome”, thus appreciating his at first demeaning setting for allowing for his understanding of a need of forgiveness within him to allow him to fulfill his future requests. Like wise in the film American beauty , the protagonist , Lester also under goes a transformation realization as opposed to the environment he is exposed to, he lives “the American dream”. As a long shot exposes his perfectly pruned town where beauty is dollied for its perfection and relation to the status quo.

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As Lester sees his wife matching her pruning shears to her gardening clogs in a pan up shot, it is in that moment that the protagonist ” looks closer” and registers that his own family has succumb to the materialistic world surrounding them. And extreme close up wows his change in character as he states , ” this isn’t life”, as then a wide shot shows his surrounding materialistic, lounge room setting, as he further states, ” this is Just stuff and it has become more important to you than living “. Once being enlightened to his new understanding of what true beauty is in life , not to abide by trends or indulge in consumerism items but to be true to himself. Therefore both texts although vastly different in content , portray the same concept that from an awakening of discovery allowing for one to be able to undergo alteration, to perhaps ones view point as well as and understanding or a change of value within them selves that then shapes there understating of their surroundings. Coverer- Tempest By marriageable Another parallel is termed Witt The Tempest Witt in Workers snort story , The age of terror as within both texts , characters show how a certain event can trigger their reflection and discovery of past motives. That then reflect the decisions and understanding of the situations they a presently in, in relation to the lessons learnt or commitment made.

Within the prescribed text the Tempest, this idea is prominent within the horse-trading of Alonso , the king of Naples, as he faces a physical stimulant that evokes the character come to the realization of his past endeavourers that effect him in his present state of being and setting. As the King encounters the primary symbol for discovery , the physical tempest, he states , ” no,no, he’s gone ” the repetition of , “no” as well as the statement throughout exposes how the king embodies a loss of hope as he loses his son .

This event then triggers to other past realizations, ” I had never married my daughter “that leave the character at a current state of venerability. But from this he learns to be grateful and remorseful ,” I embrace thy body I bid thy hearty welcome” there for through a stimulant for discover the character was able to asses his past mistakes that allows him to asses his future endeavourers.

Additionally, the short story , The age of Terror also endures this notion alternately, through the developing nature of the narrating protagonist. The notion is first addressed through,the personification used within ” the elderly are sustained by their memories” as the technique used expresses the intimate connection that the rotating endures with her memories, that result in a close study of what shaped her consequences in the present. He protagonist goes further and explains , ” I was a younger vainer woman but which now find unendurable”, in which, in contrast to the Tempest, ultimately leads to her realization that in order to live on positively with her future endeavourers she is to learn but let go of her diminishing past that hold her in an unstable present state. Although the two chosen texts contrast within the use of the chosen notion, they both come to claims that the characters under went a reigning source of discovery in order to reconsider and reevaluate past decisions in order to accept decisions and create new notions within the present and future self.

Concluding this , all three texts have shown the primary concept through out in ways that resonate with the form of text type. Through metaphors , characterization , symbols and other techniques this essence that discovery is a way in which one can simultaneously rediscover a sense in self values or a revaluation of there present surroundings that can consequently also have en effect on the nature of discovery.