Discussing market research and target audience

The product that we chose is vodka ice blast. It is a mixture of fruit flavours and vodka in ice. It has an average of one shot of vodka per glass. The different flavours are strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, blueberry, and blackcurrant. These are the colours of the rainbow as shown in our advert. The target audience for your drink is teenagers, as it is fruity and strong. Market research and the target audience.

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We conducted a market research, and found that there was a gap in the market. It showed us that there was not an ice blast drink with a content of vodka in. This showed us that this drink would we be ideal to fill this gap in the market. It would be perfect for the teenagers that drink alcohol, as they would not have to buy Alco pops every time they went into a club. We are aiming your product at teenagers because they are always looking for new drinks to try and when they go into a club and start dancing, they would want a drink that would cool them down. In addition, we did not target this product at older adults, as they would not drink vodka as they would rather drink wines and beers.

Adding to this, children are not authorized to drink alcohol, so it is not approved for young children. Therefore, this recommended for teenagers. The normal ice blasts only contain fruit falvoured ice drink. The teenagers do not buy this as only young children drink it, and so by adding vodka in teenagers would buy it and drink it. Being cheap, the ice blast and vodka would sell quickly. As it is cheap, teenagers would buy it whether or not they like it but when they do try it they would be sure to like it. The drink is bright and colourful which would attract people’s attention wherever they are. It would be easy to notice this because it is a machine so anyone that walks past would look at it. This would be in bright rainbow colours as this is the theme of your product so no one would miss it.

If you were in a club and said ‘can I have a kiss please’ it would sound amusing as the bar workers might think tat you are asking them or a kiss on the cheek or lips. Therefore, the name is good for asking for the drink as the word kiss has two meanings for it. Our target audience would defiantly enjoy it, as it is just right for teenagers. It is for the wild teenagers that go out clubbing and just want to have fun and get drunk at the end of the night. Although you would not get drunk easily with the ice blast so that would be a reason to buy more as the night goes by.

Product that we could have done We were going to do vodka and coco cola but then this would just be like any other Alco pop. This is not a gap in the market, as many companies would have considered using vodka and coco cola as an Alco pop. This is because Alco pops are very common in clubs and the teenagers do not really care what kind of Alco pop they are drinking as long as it contains alcohol. However, the ice blasts are not very common everywhere. You would never find an ice blast or slush puppy machine in a club so teenagers would want to try something different so that is why we chose the ice blast instead of vodka and coco cola.


There is a large rainbow in the middle of the advert, which signifies a bright, fun mood. This is the focal point of the page as it is the showing the mood of the drink. We chose this, as it is the actual colours in the drink. The reason why we had it as the rainbow coloured drink is that the target audience is teenagers so they would like fruity drinks as well as vodka init. The advert also has signs relating to the drink e.g. sexy, rebel, we music. There is a symbol used here as teenagers look at symbols instead of words. It is better to put a love heart on our advert instead of the actual word ‘love’. This signifies that this drink is for partying ; clubbing, as it has to do with music. This shows they are out to have fun and enjoy themselves. All the words on the page are brightly coloured so it stands out more although this is not the focal point of our advert.

The name of the product is also in the centre under the rainbow so this is the second thing people would look at after the rainbow. Kiss is the name of the product because it has a sexy theme to it. In addition, we put the second ‘s’ of the word kiss the other way round so it seems almost that the two ‘s’s are kissing. Additionally the product is being put to your lips so it is symbolizes kiss. We put three lips on our advert symbolizing this, as well as the flavours of the drink printed on it so you know what you are drinking. This represents style and glamour in your product. As on the advert it says ‘exposed’ meaning once you drink this your true self will come out which is just partying and enjoying them. On the advert, it just shows mainly girly objects like lips. Although it does not have any pictures of sexy girls, which boys prefer.

This drink would be more for girls because on the advert the main colours are pink and red which only girls would pay any attention to. Boys never look at adverts that is covered in pink as pink is a girls colour. If we changed the colours and added more boys material like sexy girls, cars, and games then it would be suitable for boys. However, on our advert we did not actually say what the drink is, and what is in it. It just tells you the available flavours and the name of your product. It does not have any details about the drink. If we wrote more instead of all the big headings with words on it would have told the audience more about your product. In addition, a background colour would also have brought the advert out more instead of a dull white.


Your product would be advertised on handouts. We could do this in the main town centre on a weekend, as this is when most teenagers come into town. On the handouts, you would put the name of the drink, the available flavours and places you would be able to find the product. You could also put posters up with a large picture of the drink in the middle and the name and details of the product underneath. This would attract many teenagers to look at the posters. You could advertise it on girl’s magazines. This would be just after the beauty and fashion section of the magazine as this is where most girls look.

This would attract teenage girls. Lastly you could do a television advertise where there is a gang of teenage girls and boys are going out clubbing and they order the ‘kiss’ drink and at the end one of the girls could get a kiss off the barman. Then a narrator would say ‘go on try it you could be lucky one day’. Meaning if you ask for a ‘kiss’ you could get on off the barman. This would be great for the target audience, which are teenage girls as they like going out and getting kisses of boys. Therefore, this would be a good enough reason to get one.