Domestic And International Market

Nowadays when we are waiting form Apple Inc. To launch their new generation innovative cell phone, the same image BMW has in today’s world market regarding their new innovative features luxury cars. BMW has gained the status of innovative luxury cars by utilizing its best resources and provide best qualities to its customer.

There are many automobile companies UT there but only few firms in this industry are earned a title of innovations, and BMW comes first in that list. The main reason behind BMW success is their own Research and development center around the world, BMW group spend billions of dollar behind this R to provide best quality and innovative product to its customers. BMW comes in top 25 companies of best brand value in the world, today its brand value exceeded to 25 Billion dollar because of its R and innovative ideas of luxury cars.

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There are more than 8500 employees are working at Research and Development center of BMW around the globe. When I look over to the BMW group tie, I found many facts about BMW regarding their innovative strategies. When I review their website I found out that currently BMW R teams are working for 2020 product of BMW. The assembly line of BMW is also ranked 1st in the auto industry by their innovative process of manufacturing luxury cars. BMW are more focused on their efficient innovation process by its innovative culture.

The structure of company’s culture are more emphasis on differentiate and innovative ideas, and there is no doubt that BMW is holding one of the best talented pools of employees and technologies to approach the innovation. As per my opinion BMW will maintain its title of innovation because of their advance technologies such as using own optimizing engine, lower emission advance technologies, habitation, electrification and newly developed connected drive technologies. Bum’s Sustainable Production.

Bum’s sustainable production has focused on many important factors as it mentioned below. Advanced technology by reducing emission of CO to 50%. BMW is leader in using renewable energy for production and value. Electro mobility. Always ready for future challenge by advanced technology. Continuous improvement in employee motivation for innovation. Less consumption on natural resources in production. Mobility patterns. Raising workforce awareness by providing essential training to the employees. Product Safety.

Sustainable construction and process. More focusing on Opportunities Strong Brand Value. Domestic & International Market By unlike-Punjabi As per the current BMW strategic action regarding the future production as well as with advanced innovative technology, BMW is the only firm I found who can survived even after we will out of the fuel energy, BMW had already started working on hydroelectric advanced vehicle production, environment friendly and safety icicles, advanced production process which helps BMW to maintain its title of innovative firm.

How do the resources, capabilities, and activities of BMW contribute to its differentiation strategy and unique position in the industry it has achieved? By using advanced technology and innovative ideas for production and best quality product, BMW had earned the best brand value in auto industry. BMW is also recognize as leader of innovation in auto industry, I still remember that when I bought Phone AS which had feature of Sari, but I also found out that BMW had developed this feature long back in 2006 in their BMW 7 series Models.

None of the firm in auto industry had achieved in advanced technology yet and BMW group is the only company who looks to the future and gears its actions towards the long term. Well, BMW is not only one who is spending large amount on R&D, there are many other automobile industry does same, but the uniqueness of BMW is the process and strategy they are using, the different culture of innovation spread in BMW, the status of innovation and advanced technology, the status brand and many other factor are consider to be the uniqueness of BMW.

BMW had keep this innovative title form last two decades cause of their uniqueness and differentiate strategy where other automobile companies find hard to adopt it, the main reason behind this uniqueness is the firm’s organization culture of innovation where all employees are allowed to think different and something new that world had never seen.