Hong Kong Disneyland the turnover, attendance, hotel occupancy and guest spending were the fourth of consecutive year a new record. In the fiscal year,the record of turnover had HIKE$4. 896 billion from 2013, representing an increase of one percent and a half on the previous year. Also, the net profit had more than doubled during the year amounted to HIKE$242 million. In past, more than two-thirds guest were Chinese tourist and international tourist.

In 2013, the hotel occupancy had a ewe record too, which was 94% and the guest spending per capita were increase 6%. From this report, we found that the amount of Disneyland were increased in the last year. Now, Disneyland marketers may expand the market in China principally , which attract more tourists with increasing consumption . As well as they would emphasize on conferences and exhibitions side because they will build more hotel a few year later that this way can disseminate more new about that to publicity. By Warsaw

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