Economical Factor

Economical Factor UP Unit 21 Assignment 2 BY pan-yah Economic Factor: If someone wants to consume a healthy diet then they will need to buy healthier ingredients and they are more expensive compared to the unhealthy foods. Many supermarket use unhealthy foods to promote their food products they use foods which are high in fat,salty ND sugary foods. However not all healthy foods are expensive, for example foods such as chicken and pork are cheaper type of meat compared to meat sources such as beef and lamb.

The reason for this is because chicken and pork are a healthier option and they are low in fat products. Many large supermarket brand their own company names on different produces which have similar nutritional values. Access to shops is another economical factor, foods will be easy to consume it all depends on the way which the person is able to access shops. Many supermarkets provide the best value for money due to the competitive prices. Most of the supermarkets can be accessed by traveling in public transport.

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Also there are other ways which people can shop for example internet shopping has helped widely for many people to access foods but not many have the access to internet. Food supply is available to us in markets and some of the produces travel around the world in order to reach the supermarkets. This suggests that most fruit and vegetables are available for us any time of the year which has helped in developing menus. Due to this it has been a large affect on the foods which are being supplied for example food products like fish are easier to be supplied and bought by people.

Socio-cultural issues : Diet can be influenced hugely by family. Our eating habits can be guided by our careers and they are the ones when we are younger make choices such as what we should eat and what we should not eat. E can learn about various things such as healthy eating,religious rules or indirectly through the foods which we consume. Some people due to their religion they may fast or they might have beliefs that they are not allowed to eat certain animals because they believe that these animals are unclean, because children are bought up like this they are socialized into the values of their culture.

Also eating meals together as a family could be important in some cultures. Also some religions have religious occasions involve food as a ritual. Education- The amount of money which is sent on education population about healthy eating and food hygiene and things which influence the foods we eat are high. Public health is important. Environmental health is viewed by the coil they make sure that they are monitoring anyone who is preparing food for the public to consume and they also ensure that the food is prepared in a hygienic way which the customers are able to buy it. F there is unsafe food hygiene is identified then there will be a notice which will be issued and the organization can be temporarily IR permanently closed down. The inspections are carried out with and with out the organization knowing . Also they are awarded with stars which are between O and 5 stars. Health Education has been promoted and campaigns has gone to show improvement in public awareness of healthy eating. For example the Five-a- day campaign began in 2003, this was when a huge amount of money was awarded by the big lottery in order to improve the consumption of fruits Change 4 Life.

Food hygiene is another important factor which will benefit health. Even if the product is fresh or high in quality if the food hygiene is not good then the product would cause effects such as people getting ill or even killing them. Food labels are on many food products they allow the buyer to make choices about what food they are eating. If someone is choosing a healthier option then they will be able to read the label and see if there are high and low of certain nutrients which they might need.

Many foods are found in the supermarket they are often marketed as they has health benefits. There are certain rules which are the manufactures cannot call foods as they are reduced calorie, the food has to be in the standard version in order to be called as lower in calorie. However there are no legal definitions for the ERM low-fat, but produces cannot call foods which are high in fat as low in fat. Also if a food label has a ingredient displayed on the ingredient section then they must have it. There will be different roles for different health professionals.

Dieticians has to work with patients who will need special diet and they try to make sure that the individual to eat certain foods within restriction due to their medical condition while they are trying to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Public health nutritionists does not work with individuals but they advise the government about healthy eating. Their advice can form the basis of public campaigns. Doctors are the in a ideal position which they are able to discuss patents diets during consultations. Many of the times people might go to the doctors more often. F someone is not in the correct weight and also if they are developing health issues such as high blood pressure. So therefore the doctor can advise to avoid certain foods such as saturated fat or high- salt foods. The doctor can also be referred to dietician if it is necessary. Nurses can also understand both healthy diets and also special diets. They also can suggest what odds to eat and what to avoid for a range of medical conditions. Also nurses also help with tube feeding and they can ensure that those who unable to eat independently receive correct amount of food and drink.

Careers who work in both residential and community settings should be able to understand a healthy eating and special dietary requirements. Due to the lack of knowledge some cares have poor understanding in how to improve their ability to advise individuals on good diet. Sports nutritionist will work mainly with athlete to help them with their diet and to maximize their strength and fitness to make them to perform at their best ability. Also the nutritionist can prepare a diet plan that will have various nutrients and training which they will need to participate.

Health and fitness instructors work at gyms and leisure centers and they also include personal training to maintain people’s fitness levels but they are not athletes. They also have a good understanding of different diets and healthy eating as this is a part of their training. Social Policy – There are different ways which their are improvements to the diets of the population through social policy. There are different approaches to health education, and it also involves reading a lot of opportunities which will help people to choose healthy options for their diet.

For example there were policies such as ‘Nutritional Standards for School Lunches were agreed by the school Meals Review Panel and implemented in 2006. The standards require that: High-Quality meat,poultry or oily fish are regularly available , at least two portions of fruit and vegetables should be available with every limited to no more than two portions per week, fizzy drinks,crisps,chocolate and other confectioneries are removed from school meals and wending machines , children ND young people must have easy access at all times to free fresh drinking water in schools.

Also the national minimum standards for care homes for older people, the registered manager has to make sure that the individual receives different amounts of the nutrients which are needed for them. Also residents should have the choice of which three meals they want in a day and they should have at least one cooked meals. But drinks and snacks are always available and foods should be presented in a way which should look appetizing. Also Special diets should be catered for any one who have special religious and cultural diets.