Collins Immigration and business In the past two years the coalition government of the UK has been putting a lot of effort in their immigration policy. The prime minister has even promised to cut the immigration from outside Europe, down to tens of thousands by the end of 2015. For example, foreign students will have a few months after completing their courses to find a licensed sponsor who will pay them at least 20. 000 pounds otherwise they have to leave the country. As you can imagine, the business will suffer from this new policy. In East-London for example, there is a place called ‘Silicon Roundabout. This hart of technology relies on foreign skills. Because of this new migration policy, less foreign students are able to work and run this place. So you can easily say that this is putting Britain’s long-term economic health at risk. Focuses there is already some complaining about these new rules from outside the ASK. A lot of companies are spreading the word that skilled migrants are not wanted in the I-J. Also they are complaining about the expense and trouble they have to go through to get a work visa for their employees. Especially for the smaller companies who simply don’t have the money for such an uncertainty.

And they are calling it an uncertainty because even if they apply for a work visa, they’re not ensured that they even get one. In the technology business, time is of essence. Unfortunately there are few engineering talents and it’s even harder to find them. Once they are in the picture, they sooner take a Job in the US where they can start right away, instead of waiting 5 months and maybe start in the I-J. Service industries also suffer from this decrease of skilled migrants. This industry is based n the position of London and that position is under threat.

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Other cities are Just more welcoming than London at the moment. (Example Singapore: ‘How can we help you to move here? ) If we take a look at the architecture and management consulting business, they are losing money as well. To win export in this business, it’s essential to understand local regulations and culture. Therefore you need foreign employees, who can help you overseas. Britain’s higher education section is one of the worlds biggest. Four fifths of the students return home within five years of arriving, having enforced Britain’s’ international position.

Non-EH students study engineering or science more often then the British ones so you can imagine how it’s going to be the next few years if graduates can’t find a sponsor right after their course. Other countries are making things easier for them and Great Britain is pushing them away. Economics By Brillion New immigration Policy Consequences Conclusion It was not easy to come to a simple conclusion with the three of us but eventually we could agree. We think it’s safe to say that Great Britain is harming herself with this new policy.

We think that they made a mistake by looking at themselves in the first place. They don’t want so many immigrants in their country so they put a hold to it. But that hold is now threatening their economy, on the long-term but still it’s dangerous. And it’s making things a lot easier for foreign countries, they are welcoming the foreign skilled employees and employers with open arms and they have the I-J to thank for it. So if we were in a position to advice the I-J, we would tell them to loosen their policy a little bit so it’s easier for the skilled migrants to stay and work focuses in the I-J.