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Portugal has the lowest inflation rate. Low inflation rate is widespread in Europe. The reasons for low inflation rate in Rezone can be listed as follows. 1. Temporary factors – lower food / energy prices. 2. Sluggish growth. 3. Unemployment. 4. Inflation expectations. 5. Monetary policy. 6. Internal devaluation: Portugal is uncompetitive for the Single currency in Rezone. This led to large current account deficit. But Portugal can’t allow its currency to devalue, so it is pursuing internal devaluation – trying to restore competitiveness through lower wages, and cutting prices.

Due to the drop on the Leonie compared to the SIS$, exports to the US will be cheaper for the US driving up the exporting from Canada. This will affect all manufacturing companies, Industrial products and so on. This is, for the majority, a good thing for Canada, because it is such a big exporting country. Http://www. Stevens. Ca/business/coed- forecasts-bank-of-Canada-will-raise-key-interest-rate-in-may-201 5-1. 2117704 – negative forecast for Canada is the price drop in oil, some provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan, will feel the effects due to oil being their top exported good.

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So parts f Canada will be hit harder because of this oil crisis then other parts of Canada. Http://www. RFC. Com/economics/economic-reports/PDF/other-reports/pop. PDF USA – positive forecast – US economy is looking quite good for the future, with having a 14-year-high number of Job openings, The housing market has been steadily recovering and is forecasted to increase in new-home production. One of the exports from the States that will actually improve is Boeing, with their planes in high demand. Http://www. Kipling. Com/tool/business/10TH-SHOO-Kipling-s-economic- outlooks/ http://www. Businesslike. M/articles/2014-11-06/201 5-global-economic- outlook-better-than-2014-but-not-by-much – negative forecast – The US will take a big hit in containers exports each major region of the world. The demand for US products is decreasing and will continue to do so as other countries continue to put out similar products without the same exporting costs. With the dollar being so high, most of their exports have deceased and there doesn’t seem to be a change in that trend. Http://www. ]co. Com/international-trade-news/trade-data/united-states-trade- data/us-exports-take-hit-weakening-demand-Europe-Asia_20141203. Ml – another negative forecast – the percentage of home buyers that are first timers is much below what they want, being at Just 28%. For a healthy economy, experts say there needs to be at least 40% of home buyers to be first timers. This stats is largely due to excessive student loans. Http://counterrevolutions 5. Com/ China – The negative projection: which have contributed a lot in China’s economy growth. However, the government policy has been launched to make the housing price slow, which has shown its effectiveness in a way and resulted in a decreased real estate investment.

Thus, the real estate industry and the related industries of upstream raw material will contribute less in China’s economy growth. 2. Environment pollution: Many factories are shut down by government due to environment pollution. Especially those may cause air pollution because the haze weather has been a big issue in recent years in China, so the government is considering making adjustment of industrial structure to reduce the number of factories which contribute largely to environmental pollution.

Those factories may have a certain contributing to China’s economy growth in the cast; the close of them may slow down China’s economy growth in a way as well. 3. Reforms’ negative influence: The anti-corruption campaign and the recent crackdown on shadow credit suggest that the impact of reforms could be highly uncertain. Although these reforms are expected to proceed gradually, there are still potentials that the reforms may pose significant downside to economy growth. Http:// www. coed. Org/economy/china-economic-forecast-summary. HTML