Economics: Supply and Demand and Fried Chicken

A comparative study of the demand for KEF and Saps at a particular high school between the period September 5 and 26, 201 1 Comments The Title The title of the project was clearly stated. It was a micro-economic topic and was appropriate for this level. The full two marks were awarded. Oppose of the Project Three objectives were adequate although seven were listed. Awarded. The full three marks were Collection of Data Five sources of data collection were used. The full three marks were awarded. Presentation of Data A combination of tables, graphs, charts and diagrams were used.

II were accurately named and labeled. The full seven marks were awarded. Retransmissions An excellent analysis of data using relevant economic theory was done. The full ten marks were awarded. Findings Seven findings relating to the objectives were presented. The full six marks were awarded. Recommendations The seven recommendations listed were based on the findings and were linked to the stated objectives. The full four marks were awarded. Communication of Information Excellent use of language and reporting skills were evident throughout the report.

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I would like to thank everyone who would have contributed to the completion of this School-Based Assessment: God firstly for the opportunity to do such a project My teacher for her constant advice and willing guiding hand My fellow group member for working on the SABA. With me All those who answered the questionnaires distributed My family for helping and supporting me during the execution of this project. The aims of this investigation are: l, To establish the type of relationship there is between price and quantity demanded or fried chicken at KEF and Saps 2.

To determine if the demand for fried chicken at KEF and Saps is normal or perverse 3. To examine the principal factors affecting the demand of KEF or Saps 4. To examine the Joint demand of fried chicken and its complements 5. To examine the price elasticity of demand of fried chicken at KEF and Saps 6. To briefly examine the market structure for fried chicken in Trinidad and Tobago 7. To briefly examine the market conditions affecting the supply of fried chicken at KEF and Saps + Meet: The SABA was conducted on the compound of SST.

Augustine Girls’ High School Ceres: 1 , manager. One hundred and twenty questionnaires were shared out to students of the S. A. G. H. S. Body. This was geared towards gaining demand information and trends for fried chicken and its complements at KEF and Saps outlets. 2. Nineties. Managers of KEF and Saps outlets in SST. Helena were interviewed to obtain supply information such as the factors affecting supply and methods used to attract customers. Sources: . 1 . Textbooks, Economics textbooks were used to have Demand and Supply a clear understanding of the Laws of 2.

Internet. The websites listed in the bibliography were used to further éclair economic concepts to enhance the schoolbag’s assessment 3. Specifies criers. These were used to obtain fried chicken advertisements as Data Question I ACACIA students ate fried chicken at least once per ear. More than half of the students surveyed ate fried chicken monthly. Weekly Monthly Yearly 47 67 4 of Students and how often they eat fried chicken 50 # of Students and how often they eat fried chicken 10 Pearly Question off the 20 students, 4323% said that they would buy 2 pieces at $1 LO sec