Effective and efficient planning system

To promote BHASVIC college we are using the new sports hall and its facilities. We will be contacting local newspapers after discussions with the college marketing team. One of our early objectives was too help a charity and especially benefit children in the local community. After some research the rocking horse appeal was chosen so we will be charging the participants in order to raise some money. To promote sports participation within the local community we choose to involve local schools and market the event as much as possible.

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To effectively use available resources and equipment we have made a list of all required equipment and resources and will be talking to the caretakers as to what is available to us through the college. We are using people and members of staff effectively by contacting the specific people within college that are in charge of areas such as insurance, marketing, catering and finance. Our given budget is 50. Our financial target is to make a profit.

We have a finance advisor to oversee the amount of money that is incoming and outgoing. To improve staff effectiveness members of the class worked in areas which they had the most knowledge in. attendance should be high so people don’t miss out on vital information or get behind on tasks. Communication between event organisers is vital so all work looks professional and is completed properly. This is also important as certain areas of work overlap and advice and ideas can be shared.

A risk assessment was carried out and the likelihood of the risks happening was planned. Some security risks that were raised were the possibility of students leaving the premises or outsiders entering the area. The participants will be asked not to bring valuables on to the site, as we cannot be responsible for them. College staff were contacted to ask for their advice about appropriate insurance that we will need. A risk assessment was conducted to ensure a safe, healthy environment for everyone involved in the event.

To make sure that the event is run in a smooth way the planning was organised effectively. A flip chart was produced with tasks that had to be completed and by whom. The chart was set into months so it was easily understood and could be used as a checklist. Members of our class worked on the tasks that best matched their skills. To work within the polices of the college we first created a proposal that was given to senior management. They gave us feedback that gave as more information into the ways in which the event needed to be run.