Effective business documents

Different documents have different features. This means that some are more appropriate for some purposes than others. Whichever type is prepared, it is essential to have a proper layout, presentation and how the message is being conveyed. If not written in a proper or professional manner the document might be misinterpreted and misread, thus creating communication barriers. The layout of all my business letters (confirmation letter and invoice letter) are in a formal format. I choose to do this because it’s an external document, which means it’s sent out to other organizations.

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In addition, business letters are written formally, this shows professionalism and makes sure the message isn’t misread or misunderstood. The font I have chosen for my letters is “times new roman” this is because it’s simple, it’s not fancy which makes it easier to read and understand. Despite the widespread use of e-mail in commerce today, traditional business letters are still the main way that the majority of businesses officially communicate with their customers and other businesses. This is especially true when businesses want to formalize an agreement or an understanding.

So far, emails are great for all of the preparatory work, but a formal business letter is still most often needed to “seal the deal”. Business letters also provide a written record. The layout of my memo has been laid out in a way I mostly see how memos are presented or formatted. Some formats differ from other but I choose to use a simple one, which would be easy to understand. The font used was “Calibri” it’s simple and easy to understand, but for the title “MEMO” I used a different font and font size because written in bold uppercase letters it informs the reader that the document is an internal communication.

The memo was suitable for this type of business situation because memos are internal documents sent between members of staff. Although many organizations use emails instead, they may sometimes be used for complex matters. They are also useful when the sender wants to make sure there is a printed record for future reference. Finding a template for my invoice was hard due to the fact that they were complex and hard to fill in. So I made my own invoice with the help of a simple cash invoice, which was much easier to understand.

The layout of my invoice is in a table form and at the top I have the company’s important details and the receiver’s details, so this makes it easier for the receiving company to contact us without any difficulties. The font I choose wasn’t anything fancy, very minimal except for the title “INVOICE” stands out. I did this to make the document recognizable where as other invoices may not be styled this way but I just wanted it so that the receiving company can be immediately aware what type of document it is. An invoice is a suitable for this type of situation because an invoice is used only for business purpose.

An invoice usually includes terms for payment, such as the fact that a late fee will be included after X days, or a discount applied if payment is received within Y days, etc. However, the word “bill” as either a verb or noun in a business setting as well, but it is less precise than an invoice. For example, if I am eating a casual dinner out, I get a “bill” (or check, or tab) from the server, never an invoice. However, if I am having a catered event for 200, with a contract required to set it up, then I would have an invoice.