Employees Who Have Slipped Into Comfort Zones

As mentioned above the lack of monitoring and training has allowed or even pushed some of the employees into comfort zones within the company. The employee’s state of mind will change as they know that they are not being monitored or that they will receive any training to spur them on. A manager or director of any company cannot allow their employees to just be left to get on with work especially when they seems to be no formal method of appraisal or motivation.

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This is another problem with the directors as you can’t blame the staff for becoming a little lazy as employees are not supposed to be self motivating, this concept is totally unrealistic. So it should be of no surprise to the managers in the company to see what has happened to some of its staff. The managers have the responsibility to push and motivate them as it is one of the responsibilities central to any management job specification.

“The different purposes for which the job is being analysed may include the identification of performance problems and therefore it is likely that some form of job analysis will have been used in the filtering process” page 66 of the theory and practice of training, 4th edition by Roger Buckley and Jim Caple. The employees jobs seem to have evolved in certain ways to suit these comfort zones and the employees within them. The problems that come with this situation will be a fall in productivity and employees redefining their jobs which will cause confusion amongst the staff and management about who is responsible for what and who should be doing what.

The solutions for this would be to go back and look at the employee’s job specification and remind them about what their role is and what their responsibilities are. The directors should also think about job rotation at William Beckett ; Co, as this would mean that employees will not become so bored and disgruntled with their own jobs and slip into these comfort zones and redefine their jobs to suit them. Job rotation is a good way of making the

employees jobs a little more flexible, they won’t be stuck on the same repetitive jobs day in day out. This in theory has a positive affect on most organisations as “variety is the spice of life”. It could be seen as a new challenge to some of the employees which again is also known to motivate most staff. This is a simple and clear solution to a problem that can have a large implication on a company such as William Beckett & Co.