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While I am in the Reception Class my duties include: Maintaining the cleanliness of the room, mopping up spills and removing potential risks and hazards. Supervising children and ensuring that they are safe and sensible ; Be a good role model and impress a good positive image to the children ; Be polite and well mannered to all children and staff To correct negative behavior when necessary Attend any training courses I am asked to go to, to keep update and knowledgeable of procedures and policies. Be fully aware and have knowledge of all the School’s policies and procedures ; Be aware of all safety exits and procedures that must be carried out in an emergency ; Listen and follow instructions set by my supervisor To be knowledgeable of the routine of the class, and be able to move at the speed set ; Be flexible, creative, quick, caring, kind, respectful and always do my best at all times Knowing my duties and responsibilities will enable to me to be more confident while I am at Roberts Primary and will help me to give the best possible care to the children.

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Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in the relevant 1. 1 standards There are many policies which by law I must follow and adhere to, this is to ensure that the children are given the best quality of care and the best possible learning experience. The Health and Safety Act 2004 This states that regular risk assessments of the area should be carried out. Risk assessments are required to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment, so children are able to play and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

A risk myself do a thorough walk around and identify any obstacles and potential dangers that could cause harm to any of the staff or children. We identify and remove any risks or potential hazards, for example; toys in walkways, spillages, exposed electrical sockets. Risk assessments are also to be carried out throughout the day, to ensure that the environment stays safe and reduces the chance of accidents happening. The Equality Opportunity Policy Equality of opportunity is about providing equality and excellence for all in order to promote the highest possible standards of achievement.

The school’s core value is ‘lighting the way to success’. The School believes that every child has the capabilities of being successful and making a positive contribution to the school and the community The policy details the responsibilities of the school to make a positive, fee learning environment for all staff and children to achieve their full potential. Providing equality to all staff and children is always given. All children are taught Religious education so that they all children are exposed and educated of all different religions and how their faith celebrates and live.

All festivals are celebrated at school so that pupils can experience and take part in them. This will help children become knowledgeable and understand the importance of being accepting and celebrating different festivals regardless of what faith they are from. This also allows children of every religion feel welcome and happy to celebrate and share their faith and be proud of who they are and their religion. Negative behavior towards any child or member of staff and their beliefs will be put to the behavior policy and they will discipline accordingly.

This applies to all children and staff and managing their behavior is kept fair and applied equally to all. Any child found bullying or displaying inappropriate behavior will be dealt with quickly and effectively as to stop the problem from getting worse. All staff are to attend Equality and diversity training to make sure they are fully knowledgeable of the subject and the laws and policies that accompany it. The teachers and staff ensure that the classroom is an inclusive environment in which all pupils feel that their contributions are being valued and included.

Every child is valued and respected and allowed to talk and express their view. All children are encouraged to be themselves and any special needs that they may have are met so that can feel actively included and valued. All disabled and enhanced children are given the help that they need so that they can achieve. There are disabled accesses throughout the school, support harnesses, equipment, aids and supportive tools so that children can achieve their fullest potential. As a student I must adhere to the Equality values and enforce them throughout my placement. I must treat children equally.

Encourage children to express themselves and embrace and enjoy their culture and share the experiences and times of Their differences must be seen and valued, and where necessary practice must be altered to accommodate these beliefs. For example children with special needs will possibly need a different educational care package to those without. Children who are left handed must be given the tools to enable them to write and complete crafts more easily, including left handed scissors and pen Special educational needs and disabilities Act 2001 There are some disabled children in Reception that require additional needs.

This Act States “that school, colleges, universities, adult educational services, youth services must make reasonable provisions to ensure that people with disabilities or facial needs are provided with the same opportunities as those who are not disabled”. I must make sure that I do not discriminate against any child with a special need and always show the same care and support to them as every other child. They must be given the same opportunities and be made to feel as part of the class as possible.

All measures must be taken to ensure inclusion of the children as best as possible. It states that settings must follow the SEEN code of practice which outlines what they should do to support a child with special needs This Act prevents the unfair treatment of people with disabilities and special needs Conventions on the rights of a child This is an important legislation that by law must be followed. The school adheres to the requirements set in the document and fully support its content.

It acknowledges that children have a right to express themselves and their opinions. To have their voices heard and their needs acted on upon when necessary, they are to be protected from harm, abuse and exploitation and to always have their privacy protected. I must respect every child for who they are and what their requirements ay be, and to always protect them from harm and abuse. If I suspect any child to be a victim of abuse I must make my observations known to the COP as soon as I can. The faster the better as to keep the child out of harm’s way.

There are many more policies that I must follow to ensure the safety and care of the children and also of myself. The Schools Safeguarding policy, states the responsibility of all members of staff to report any signs of abuse or neglect and supports Whistle blowing and outlines the procedures a member of staff can take if they do suspect a member of staff. I am included in these responsibilities and I must also report any suspicions I may have of a member of staff to the Head Teacher who is also the COP of Roberts School.