Erikson S Stages Of Development

This is where a young child is beginning to involve peers in more than just someone they see at school. This is when they begin making friends that join for short outings, and sleepovers. These are when trust Is formed outside of the family circle. These years are when best friends are made and when those that don’t fit In become bullied or become bullies. Parents need to pay attention to the behaviors of their children during this time, and to watch for signs of bullying, or withdrawal from their friends.

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Those that succeed In forming good friends are less likely to be bullied than those that are socially awkward and do not make friends very easily. Erosion’s Psychological Stage of Development, Stage 5: Identity versus Role Confusion. This Is when the young person starts to understand that they have a place to fit Into, something more than Just going to school and hanging out with friends. Attitudes come into play: they start wanting to make their own decisions about money, clothes, work, etc. This stage is when they want their parents to let them make their own decisions to show that they can be trusted.

This is when parents need to provide that guidance that comes from demonstrating how good decisions are rewarded such as: make them successful at work, how to behave in groups, belief structures, and successful attitudes. Erickson Developmental Stage of Emotion and Motivation Erikson infant stage is the stage of emotion. As you meet an infants physical and emotional needs: when they cry you comfort them and when they, you smile in return. Your actions connect to the baby’s brains and to make them feel safe. Developing trust is one of the most crucial tasks, as you do a lot of bonding between he baby and yourself.

All stages are dependent upon a health relationship and the level of trust you develop with the child. Erikson stage of Adolescence falls more into the cognitive motivation stage. Adolescence is the stage in which the person is figuring out how leave childhood and enter adulthood. They start to think about who they are as individuals, and also start to separate themselves from their family, and move into adult hood. They want the freedom to be creative, productive, motivated, and to cultivate a life for themselves.