Ethical issue in industry

Furthermore, he plant was a dangerous place with many overused and overheated machinery which may explore easily. And the management refused to stop operating the plant even getting knowledge about the unsound roof which finally collapsed. – MIMIC enforced the contractors worked under a precarious condition without providing relative protection clothing and respirators, working closely to dangerous machinery. – Chemical poisoning in the plant was a critical concern. The lead poisoning level was much higher than the international acceptable level and it would definitely affect the lath of all the workers.

MIMIC did not alarm its staff about the consequence of over inhaling the lead and the protection action. It even restrained the contractors to get relative information and rejected to provide any respirator which was violating the regulation. With such dangerous workplace, two workers had died during their work and the health and safety issue was obviously serious. It. Unfair Treatment for Staff Referring to Mr.. Sing’s case, the working hour was excessive and long with more than 12 hours per day. It was much longer than other similar factories.

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The pay was owe and many privileges may be exploited with some unreasonable causes. In addition, the living place provided by MIMIC was as poor as work place. It was small and crowded. Iii. Illegally Hiring Female as Worker In order to cut cost, MIMIC violated the regulation to hire females as half of contractors in lead mines and processing plants. Referring to all the above facts, Mimics policy related to the safety, health and welfare issue to the workers were definitely unethical. It merely treated its workers as a means to its objective rather than an end. 2. Issue of Ignoring Citizen

MIMIC also affected the healthy and living standard of the local villages by the fallowing aspects: I. Air and Water Pollution The emission of sulfurous, poisoning gases and other dangerous chemicals from the plant had blown over local villages. Also, the lead had been found in water sample from a nearby river, which was the source of the local water supply, due to the inefficiency of the plant. Those pollutions certainly affected the health of the local citizens. It. Exploiting the local electricity Due to the failure on building the own power station, the plant drew power from the

Obviously, MIMIC did not take the local villages into account to its practices. Its actions were not ethical because it only concerned on profit-making and totally ignore the people affected by its operation. 3. Issue of Environmental Protection I. Dumping the waste into a wood When the crushing machinery broke down, the plant decided to dump the waste into a wood. It was totally an irresponsible decision which destroyed the environment. It. Releasing Greenhouse Gases In order to increase output, MIMIC modified the pre-product plant, which resulted in he release of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

And the unsound roof collapsing event also lead to release carbon monoxide. As we see, MIMIC never care about the environmental problem caused by its operation. 4. Issue of product quality and In order to maintain a ‘non-stop’ operation of the plant, MIMIC would not make reprisals for poor quality products and continue to send those products to customers. It did not take customers’ interest into account. 5. Issue of Bribe Even there were many illegal actions taken by MIMIC, no any punishment or exposures on its improper operation. And it even can pass many regular inspections.