Evaluation of the Froops Campaign

Our aim and purpose of our products is to deliver first-class snacks to the general public. We done this by making convincing advertisements and packaging, and so on. We make a wide range, or flavours for our fruity flavoured crisps. Some of which are ”Awesome Apple” and ”Stringy Strawberry”. Although many generations enjoy our produce, the main age target for our crisps is between ten-to fourteen. To influence our targets we have made a variety of different characters to represent our flavours.

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The logo. I think our logo persuades the audience into thinking it is a first class product. [It is!] The logo has a first, second and third stand-with some of the characters on all the stands. This indicates froops is 1st 2nd and 3rd! The fruity characters are all holding a banner above their heads with the slogan. The design appeals to the audience because it is colourful, has a bold banner and fits inside a semi-circle.

The slogan Our slogan is simply ”eat one pack, and you’ll be back”. The reason for the ”you’ll” language is because it is more colloquial for teenagers. We decided our slogan should be ”eat one pack, and you’ll be back” because many people will purchase a pack just to try it out, and many will come back again, again and again. Michael Daniel The television advert The television advert lasts for thirty seconds. We divided the whole advert into six main parts-each one lasting for five seconds.

The main plot behind the advertisement is Jack, an normal average teenager walks into his local shop. He buys a pack of froops then walks tries a froop, then runs back into the shop and buys another six packs! There is no commentary, just sound effects and the voices of Jack and the shopkeeper. The main sound effects we have chosen are footsteps, door openings, and speech. The sound effects are comical, which attracts young and old audiences alike. Whenever the name froops is mentioned in the advert heavenly music drifts from the speakers. Also the froops packet is very colourful compared to the backround and is sparkling. The advert makes the people believe the froops are very tasty.

Radio Advert The radio advert has the same rules as the television advert-it lasts thirty seconds and is divided into six main sections. It is almost exactly the same as the television advert. To sacrifice the visual aids we have quickened the pace up, and added more speech. Also there is commentary. The Poster The poster is a sparkling packet of froops amongst other Michael Daniel dul packets of crisps. At the top of the poster is the froops logo, and at the bottom there is a short message which says ”bursting with fruity flavour”.

It has a very colourful foreground and all the text is black and bold. After looking at the froops poster customers think that froops are ver tasty, and are much more appetising too eat then normal crisps. It also has all the froops characters around the poster. The packaging The packaging of the froops crisps has all the information required for a crisp packet, nutritional values, price, ingredients, and the logo and slogan. All the text on the packaging is bold and black, and the actual packing has a character depending on what flavour it is. The appearance of the packet is tropical and is attractive to the eye.