Executive Summary Manpower Inc

Manpower Inc. is a company that depends on its, well, manpower. Without the hard work and dedication of its people, Manpower would have a difficult time being profitable. The employment service industry is quite competitive and to set oneself apart and become an industry leader is no simple task. Manpower has risen to the top through discipline, dedication to its core principals, and drive. Their ability to set a goal and reach it in a timely and cost effective manner has enabled them to become the best of the best. And they have done so while maintaining high social responsibility.

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With little negative impact to their bottom line, Manpower has been honored with several awards in recognition of their influence on key market segments and their philanthropy. From helping train disabled workers to facilitating the recent increase in female executives, Manpower is a truly benevolent company. As a company grows, so does its obligation to give back to society; the form of giving is a manifestation of their principles and virtue. Giving does not strictly refer to dollars but also the time and energy dedicated to creating a better world.

Manpower’s willingness and ability to sacrifice short-term profit for long-term growth and stability in their communities are a direct reflection of their strong conviction. Crucial to their success is the happiness of employees and clients who are greatly affected by actions taken by the company. By being socially responsible, Manpower sets a standard for other company’s to strive to, creates a positive work environment, and has built a company with an amazing reputation that both clients and employees can be proud of. Responsible Philanthropy

With 232 offices in 12 countries in Asia Pacific alone, the world is Manpower’s community. As a result of the destruction caused by the recent tsunami, Manpower will be building a vocational training center, most likely in Nagapattinam, one of the cities that suffered the worst devastation in India. The hope is that the $1. 7 million in financial and human resources will help people rebuild their lives after the wreckage of the storm. The short term outflow of cash will help to create a sustainable program that will “make a difference in peoples’ lives over the long term” (“Building A Vocational Training Center,” 2005, i1).

The impact to the bottom line may be slightly negative in the short term, but the development of such a critical part of the world will have an overall positive effect in the long run for Manpower and on the economy of India and the lives of the people who have suffered so much. Mutually Beneficial Alliance The State Department of the United States and Manpower Inc. have come together to further the development of the Global Employment Strategy Initiative; this partnership should prove to be beneficial to both parties.

“Manpower will develop and implement a special program for spouses of Department of State employees, providing an introduction to employment markets and cultural familiarization, in 67 countries around the world” (“Formation of Partnership,” 2005,  2). They will also provide “a range of assessment, training and skills development programs available to qualified spouses or partners through local Manpower offices and the Internet” (“Formation of Partnership,” 2005,  4).

The benefit to Manpower from a marketing perspective is that this well-defined target audience represents a predictable and repetitive workforce and a very efficient use of their marketing dollars. The military will continuously feed Manpower workers and Manpower will continuously help military personnel and their spouses find jobs that fit their skills.

“From providing recruitment for the Australian Defense Force to helping U. S. military personnel in their transition to the civilian workplace” (“Formation of Partnership,” 2005,6), it is no wonder that Manpower has made the Military Friendly Employers list and that they have such a strong alliance with the military. Investment in People The ability to recognize and take advantage of an untapped resource is a crucial differentiator in today’s business world. Women and disabled workers are two groups of people whose talent has been neglected in the past and Manpower has taken the initiative to help provide advancement for these target groups.

Domestically and around the world, Manpower has facilitated the increase in the presence of women in the global market; they have “provided a foundation for women to enter the workforce and excel to the level of accomplishment they have achieved today” (“Success in Advancing Women,” 2005,  2). Within their organization 20% of Manpower’s Board of Directors are female, 54% of the 65 people responsible for managing worldwide business are women, and 80% of Manpower’s mid-level managers that have profit and loss responsibility are female (Manpower Inc., 2005).

The National Association for Female Executives named Manpower one of its Top 30 Companies for Executive Women (Manpower Inc. , 2005) and Manpower was also named Employer of the Year by the National Business & Disability Council (Manpower Inc. , 2004); it is in no way surprising that they have been honored with these awards in light of the fact that they consistently go the extra mile to ensure the success of all.

“Inclusive procedures, educational resources and partnerships have expanded employment opportunities for people with disabilities” (“Employer of the Year,” 2004,  4); taking on the challenge of fulfilling jobs of physically handicapped is no simple task but it is a true differentiator for Manpower. Their policies as well as their actions “demonstrate [their] commitment to provide all people with the resources to pursue quality employment opportunities” (“Employer of the Year,” 2004,  2). A huge multinational company, Manpower’s community is the world, and they serve it well.

A multinational and multi-billion dollar business does not create itself and being a company that serves people Manpower must conserve and generate happiness for its employees and clients. This is not an easy mission but it is one that Manpower has undertaken and achieved to an impressive and inspirational extent. Manpower has the resources and the compassion to create a profitable (financially and emotionally) world and they are giving all they can to ensure the success of everything in which they are involved.