Farmers market

Freshness and quality that’s the criteria we look when it comes to eating. Farmer’s market was once where people used it as a main resource. Where it once was crowed, a necessity, and profitable. Unfortunately, today we can’t say the same. When we think of a farmer’s market it’s a market where the food they sell are impolitely fresh and organic.

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That means that the farmers are actually growing the crops in their own farm, and selling it to the final consumers without any interference of a middle man. Without using any chemicals fertilizers and pesticides instead using organic compost to fertilize their crops. Also respecting the Mother Nature. We pick this specific farmer market because of Its name, which was appealing to us. Neighborhood farmer market Just think about why would you name It ‘neighborhood’. That’s more an urban name Instead of being related to agriculture.

The farmer’s market was situated In the campus of Drexel university. The neighborhood was very urbanize, surrounded by magnificent building, very alive, but also a little bit of green with beautiful flower, bushes, and trees. Being in a college campus it was full of students, teachers, college faculty, and visitors. The streets were very crowded too. The farmers market is easily reachable because of the availability of an efficient public and private transportation facilities.

This farmer’s market is practically small with not really variety to choose from. This is not a certified organic farmer’s market so they can’t label their product as organic. They said the process of getting certified is way too long, so it’s not worth it. They had potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, peach tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, apples, and greens. They really enjoy growing tomatoes that explains the variety of tomatoes they have. Due to the end of the mummer season they are running low on peaches, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, berries and melons.

They respect the seasons and grow accordingly to the climate. Everything there looks so natural, and healthy. Looking at the size of the vegetables you buy at the groceries in this market you can actually tell the difference between organic and non-organic. The size of the crops are actually natural and comparatively small to the non-organic ones. The vegetables, and fruits are first weighted and then placed in small containers with a price tag label.

The sellers produced everything except fruits and potatoes, which they purchased from other farmers. They were not really a lot people buying it, but the few that did varied in ages (young and old). The farmer was really friendly to us, and willing to answer what we ask. She said they grew everything natural, since their crops were healthy they didn’t have to worry about Insects. The fertilize they use Included finish compost, and rock minerals. This farmer was quite modernize she even had an Phone, that had a gadget attach to her