Financial marketing service

The Question How do financial services customers make purchase decisions? In your discussion compare and contrast different approaches to customer decision making In financial services markets. 5. Sources The information for this assessment can come from a range of sources including appropriately referenced academic papers, regulatory sources, financial services firms and the wider media. Building a link between examples and the wider academic literature Is Important with this assignment. A range of deferent academic sources are provided on the Blackboard site library. 6.

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Format The coursework assignment is to be of length not exceeding 2500 words, including NY footnotes, but excluding the contents’ page and appendices/annexes and references. The coursework should be printed on an AH sized paper; Font: Times New Roman, Size 12; line spacing: 1. 5. Please make sure that the references are made In a generally acceptable (Harvard referencing style) format. The format of the coursework must include and introduction, a conclusion and references. 7. Marking Criteria The report will be Judged on the following criteria: a) Argument, understanding and analysis (e. . Addressing the task with relevant knowledge, understanding and evidence (e. G. Breadth and depth of reading; proper citation etc. ) and c) Written communication (e. G. Layout, headings; spelling, grammar; paragraphing (overlong/too short); repetition; references/bibliography). 8. Sources It is recommended you both consult the lecture notes and the readings placed on the Blackboard website. It is expected that you would consult these sources as a minimum and further use these sources are a platform for further research in to the question posed from academic and regulatory sources.