Gatorade Marketing

Companies and corporations use everything from TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards, and cars decorated with their latest product to catch the attention of their consumers. They want their advertisement to leave a lasting impression and use different techniques to do so. When the main goal is gaining other companies consumers, companies must expend large amounts of effort and money, by using location, appearance, and a message to draw in their target audiences. Storage. A company that has been around for decades, uses these different cuisines to capture the attention of their consumers.

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In their latest commercials they are advertising for their newest set of products, “The G Series. ” They use a TV commercial to demonstrate the use of this product. The commercial opens with sports being played from the early asses, using the sentence, “In the beginning, they balled on peach baskets, racquets were wooden, and hydration was water. ” Next, they show sports from 1965 to 201 0 and use different memorable athletes such as, Meal Ham, Michael Jordan, and Serene Williams to promote their classic Storage ports drink. The sentence being used in this portion of the commercial reads, “In 1965, we started a revolution.

Athletes trained longer, stronger, and changed the game. ” The last set of video clips shows the best and most recent athletes promoting their newest product, “The G Series. ” Storage uses this sentence to describe the product, “In 2010, we’re changing the game again. Prime to ignite. Fuel to perform. Protein to recover. THE GAME HAS EVOLVED. ” During the commercial the only sound is the song, “Evolve” by Kermit Quinn. The song has lyrics that sing, “no matter what hey do they can’t break your stride, evolution is a thing that starts inside. ” Storage uses this song and this particular section of lyrics to boost the audiences’ self- esteem.

When the viewers hear these lyrics they form a confidence that Storage “The G Series” will be the solution to make them unstoppable. Storage uses music and many other different advertisement techniques In this commercial. (Storage) Text Is one advertising technique that Storage uses in their commercial. When they display the sentences, they only display a few words at a time, giving plenty of mime to read it and allowing the audience to comprehend the message. Also, when the words are displayed, they are the only item appearing on the screen, leaving no room for distractions from the main purpose, their product.

They use a bold white font with a black background to make sure the sentence is noticed and can be read easily. The colors of the text also serve as an advertising technique. Only a few colors are used In the Storage commercial for ‘The G Series. ” Seasons uses an excerpt from a book where Melvin Hatcheck states, “Color is an important tool or shaping customers’ feelings and responses” (CTD in Seasons 25). This conclusion is commenting on how important it is in advertising to use the right colors.

In the Storage ad, the black and white of the text shows how classic Storage is, while they use red for all the products shown in the commercial to catch the audiences’ pull, for instance, not only makes it a potentially powerful attention-getter when it is used correctly, but also gives the possibility of becoming a strong distracting force if it is wrongly adapted” (CTD in Seasons 25). Hatcheck is supporting the reason why Storage uses bottles of red Storage, opposed to blue Storage. When red is presented, it overpowers all other colors and makes the focus on it.

By using red, Storage is drawing more attention to their product, than what is surrounding the products in the commercial. Storage not only uses color to make their product stand out, but they also use well-known athletes. This commercial features athletes such as, Peyote Manning of the Indianapolis Colts and Olympic track star, Susan Bolt. Reilly credits Carlson and Donovan when he says, “Sports celebrities are widely used in product advertising to rive sales, by improving consumers’ product recall and positively influencing their brand choice behavior” (CTD in Reilly 132).

By using a Super Bowl champion and a three-time Olympic gold medalist, Storage is inspiring athletes to drink their product. When consumers drink Storage, “The G Series,” they will feel that they can become a pro-athlete like Peyote Manning and Susan Bolt simply from what is engraved in their memory from the commercials. Having famous athletes help boost consumption of the product because viewers look up to the well-rounded athletes used in the commercials. Storage uses famous athletes next to a large size of their product to make it stand out.

Whenever the Storage bottle is shown in the commercial, it and the person drinking it are the main focus. Storage wants “The G Series” product to be most noticeable in the commercial, by increasing the size compared to the screen it is being broadcasted on, the product is immediately the main focus. By enlarging the Storage bottle next to the athlete it gives the consumer a sense that the Storage, being the larger object, makes the athlete and their performance. Size also has to do with the layout of the commercial. When Storage is showing “The G Series” product, they have the bottle centered and the athletes to the side.

Since the Storage bottle is in the middle of the frame, it is the first thing to catch the eye of the viewer. The viewers who take notice to this ad will be watching channels that show sporting events. The Storage commercial will be shown on channels such as ESP., ESP. 2, NFG Network, FOX sports, BBC, CBS, and VS.. They show this commercial on these channels because athletes and people with an active lifestyle tend to watch sporting events. With these channels displaying the Storage commercial, the target audience is people with an active lifestyle or athletes.

Storage targets this audience because only athletes will need to drink Storage, “The G Series,” because it provides before game, during game, and after game products to keep them hydrated and in the right condition for the game. The message Storage is trying to broadcast by airing this commercial on certain TV networks is extremely clear. They are announcing that water was once used for hydration in sports, but when Storage was founded in 1965, hydration reached a whole new level. Athletes could be hydrated and given energy through one flavor drink. This year Storage created “The G Series. Hydration can now be obtained in a used for before the game, fuel to be used to keep hydration satisfied during the game, and protein to recover after the game. The overall purpose of the Storage commercial for “The G Series” is to promote the newest Storage product and give the target audience a reason to buy it. By using techniques such as, text, color, location, size, and celebrity athletes, Storage is drawing positive attention to their commercial. Since Storage is receiving positive attention from their audience, the audience is most likely to go out and buy the latest