Giving Your Copy A Face Lift

It’s unavoidable.  Eventually your marketing copy will get old, showing signs of aging that are as frightening as that first gray hair or laugh line.  It’ll wrinkle and sag where it used to be fresh and crisp; it will become outdated, no longer reflecting the true essence of your business. While I don’t necessarily condone a massive cosmetic overhaul of the human body, I do highly recommend a face lift for any copy that is over five years old.  Here’s why:

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You’ve changed. Your business evolves as it grows older.  Especially if you just launched five years ago, your business probably incorporates other services, products and/or people that it didn’t when you first started.  Your business philosophy also matures and expands as you find your footing in your industry.  Keeping your copy fresh allows you to ensure your brand is clear and secure.

The industry changes. No matter what industry you’re in, the probability that it has modified in some way is high. Your business needs to keep up with what goes on in your industry as a whole.  Is there a new service you need to provide?  Is there a product that no one else is offering, even though there’s a clear need for it?  Are there new best practices that you should be following?  Even though the industry may inform how you handle your business, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your brand.  A professional copywriter will help reinvigorate your copy in step with the industry without losing the pieces that make you stand out.

Everybody else changes. How we communicate is rapidly evolving, more so than it ever has before.  Your customers and clients are taking in new information every minute and making decisions within 30 seconds of reading content. Educating yourself on online trends – especially website copy, blogs and social networking – and then adhering to them keeps you on top of the wave rather than under it.

Change is good. Though plenty of folks are scared of change – whether it’s on their face or within their business – change means growth.  Growth means wisdom. And wisdom means more informed choices and solutions for a healthy, successful business.  So find a copywriter to give your copy the facelift it deserves.  I promise it won’t hurt