Global And China Fluorite Industry Report

It is estimated that China’s fluorite output will slip to 2. 5 million tons in 2016, proportion thereof down to 44. 3% or so of the global total. Against the background of a predicted decreasing fluorite output, China’s fluorite demand will mainly count on fluorite import and technology of fluorine extraction from phosphate. Fluorite equivalent in phosphate ore (by calcium fluoride) in China reached 265. 8 million tons, equal to 11 times current fluorite reserves in China, which provides a sound material basis for China’s fluorite substitution.

However, it still takes time to realize large-scale fluorite substitution due to immature production process of fluorine extraction from phosphate. To Download Full Report with TCO: http://www. Nonrepresentational. Biz/sample/ sample/206112 Multiple fluorite enterprises in the world are strengthening their integration of upstream and downstream industry chain of fluorite resources for achieving higher added value of products, and avoiding unfavorable price influence of fluorite market, Michele is an enterprise with comparatively abundant fluorite resource reverses, fluorite capacity thereof in 2013 reaching at least 1,348 kit/a.

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Currently, it is devoted to production of Polymerases and Flamethrowers with higher added value. Global And China Fluorite Industry Report, 014-2016 By Nashville of around 380 kit/a. Via its subsidiary Derivatives del Fl;or (UDF), Miners has got through fluorite-fluorine chemical industry chain. UDF is the top producer and distributor of European inorganic fluorides and its products are extensively utilized in areas of refrigerant, air-conditioning system, chemical building, etc.