Global Automotive Lighting Market

With technological advancement many changes were Introduced in automotive lighting. The basic purpose of lighting Is to provide visibility for the driver under darkness and bad weather conditions.

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It also Intimates the driver about vehicle presence, position, and presence of pedestrians and tourists on the road. Apart from its safety features, lighting has also become part of aesthetics of the car. Lighting technology varies with the vehicle type and positions; the automotive lighting market is largely dependent on vehicle production volume. Automotive lights are installed mainly in the front, on the side, the rear and in the interior. With growing safety awareness, automotive lighting market Is growing at a promising rate.

In addition to this, the increase in vehicle production is fueling the growth of the automotive lighting market. LED is mainly used because it reduces energy consumption and is now regularly used in passenger cars and most premium segment cars. With the growth in the purchasing power, people now opt for more sophisticated lighting options. Certain rules and regulations in different regions have set different automotive lighting standards, for Instance, Daytime Running Lamps Drills are mandatory In the European region to avoid accidents.