Global Industrial Robotics Industry Survey Forecast

The market is segmented by type, which includes articulated robots, cylindrical robots, Cartesian/ gantry robots, SACRA robots, and parallel/ delta robots, among others. By component, the market is segmented into electrical components, electronics components, and mechanical components.

The major robot functions included while segmenting the market by function are:- the welding robots (arc welding, gas welding, laser welding, and spot welding), material handling robots (machine tools handling, pick and place, and warehousing), packaging and palpitating robots, painting robots (coating, dispensing, sealing, spraying, and polishing), assembling and disassembling robots; cutting, grinding, and debugging robots (laser cutting, water Jet cutting, and others); and measurement, inspection, and testing robots, among others.

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The report also includes the segmentation of the market on the basis of the industries such as the automotive industry, electrical & electronics industry; chemical, rubber & plastics industry; metal & machinery industry, food & beverages industry, pharmaceutical industry, and construction industry, among others. Furthermore, the report also provides the geographic segmentation on the basis of the four major regions, namely the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific (OPAC), and the Rest of the World (ROW).