GLOW advert

These colours may have been used to create a sense of a tender and calming scent, This may be because the perfume is meant to give off a calming and sensual type of smell. I think that white portrays the sense of purity and calmness, whereas green portrays the sense of springtime, nature and freshness these are the things that these colours denote. Using such vivid colours such as these in an advert of this standard was very clever as it focused us on everything else but the text these colours are also very inviting and very different from those used in the ‘GLOW’ advert which is also very inviting.

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I am now going to move away from the colours used and focus on the visual images and words in the wonderful advert for ‘Anais Anais’, The visual image on this paper advert is a young, beautiful woman looking very natural and having the lovely cooling wind blowing through her hair, Whereas the words are very unbelievable but this may be why the words are very clever the words in this advert are ‘ and tenderness will move the world’ this is why I was drawn to this advert.

I am now going to write about the colours, visual images and words (language) used in the advert for ‘GLOW’. I will start with the colours used which are mainly different shades of gold and a few shades of brown, with a hint of silver and white on the perfume bottle and I think that these colours of gold were used because gold denotes wealth, prosperity and also sunshine, In this advert the colours and pictures were used very cleverly as it was designed to capture the attention of many young females who like or have noticed the young attractive female Jennifer Lopez, I this case I am speaking from personal reference as I know many young boy or men who have said the Jennifer Lopez is a very lovely lady.

I will now move on from the colours to the visual images and words used in the ‘GLOW’ advert, The visual images on this paper advert for ‘GLOW’ are of the lovely Jennifer Lopez being covered with sheer gold material in many different shades and looking very sexy, sassy and indulging to most young men’s eyes, there is also a very elegant and has a silver tag with diamonds in it saying ‘J-LO’ which is self explanatory really but otherwise if it is not known to you J-lo is short for Jennifer Lopez. The words in this advert are very intriguing and also very self explanatory these words are: ‘FRESH-SEXY-CLEAN.

It’s the GLOW THE NEW FRAGRANCE BY JENNIFER LOPEZ’. These are the words and I think that the way something is laid out is very important so this would be a good reason for the reader to see the advert as the way in which the words are laid out is very clever, the words are very appealing as fresh = natural, ‘sexy’ speaks for itself and ‘clean’ = one vibrant smell with no other scent. So the adverts are very different and the words, images and colours seem to speak for their adverts especially when it comes to the advert for the fragrance ‘GLOW’. So there are many differences between how words can be used to tell people different things such as using fresh in the ‘Anais Anais’ would give off a different impression to what it says to us in the ‘GLOW’ advert.

The techniques for each advert is very different and tells certain people different things, I think that both adverts are very effective but also very different at the same time, The techniques used in ‘GLOW’ are more visual than language based, Whereas ‘Anais Anais’ is more language based then visual based but saying that both adverts have used these techniques very cleverly, I am saying this because I was captured to these adverts by more than one thing which was the words and the pictures. In ‘Anais Anais’ advert I think that more mature natural thinking people will be captured to the advert whereas in ‘GLOW’ circumstances it will be young people, saying that I think the main people to be drawn to this advert will be young men or boys and I think this was the main purpose of this advert.