Good and useful adverts

There is more text used in the “Glow by JLo” advertisement. The name of the product is written with big, orange letters, which stand out. The words above the name of the product say “Fresh-sexy-clean”, these are written with small, but capital letters. They are supposed to describe the product. They are joined together by two “dashes”, to show that these words represent the qualities of the product. They are also fashionable and easy-to-remember words, so they can plant themselves inside the readers mind.

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Underneath the name of the product, there is an explanation/description of it, which states that it is a new product and that it is made by Jennifer Lopez: “The new fragrance by Jennifer Lopez”. This just general information, to let people know that by purchasing this product, they will be buying something new and also something made by someone famous. The name of the product is strongly anchored to the picture used, since the name is “Glow by JLo”, and the picture shows a glowing image of JLo or Jennifer Lopez herself.

The “Quiksilver” advert assumes that men would like to be like a famous snowboarder, that they like stylish and modern clothing. Snowboarder’s are generally quite well respected, and this sport is still usually recognised as not an ordinary, but more of an extreme sport. It basically says that men like to look good, like to wear stylish clothes, like to live “dangerously” and like to act “cool”. Despite this however, I don’t think that the advert is trying to show a stereotypical image of the “perfect” man. It is just trying to show that there are certain ways by which a man can make himself more attractive.

Jennifer Lopez looks very feminine in the advert, and the advert obviously assumes that all women like to be “Fresh-sexy-clean” so basically “glow”. It assumes that women like attention. That is what glowing usually does, it attracts attention. Jennifer Lopez isn’t stereotypical image ether, since women like her cannot be seen on every corner. This advert also shows that while men would be interested in masculine things (such as snowboarding, and acting cool), women enjoy more “civilised” things such as beauty itself and taking care of themselves. And since all women can use a perfume, this advert is very effective.

In general, I think both adverts are effective at selling their product. The Jennifer Lopez one is more direct, since it only promotes one product. The “Quiksilver” advert however promotes a whole range of products, so therefore the company itself. The reason for this is that “Quiksilver” cannot show pictures of all of its products because there are a lot of them, so really they are selling the brand and making it more popular.

The Jennifer Lopez advert is unique; it’s quite daring since it shows a naked woman. In today’s society, this sort of advertisement is more accepted, than it would’ve been 10-20 years ago. Women are much more open about themselves. So clearly, the unique selling point of the Jennifer Lopez advert is Jennifer Lopez herself, and of course the fact that she’s naked. The unique selling point of the “Quiksilver” advert is probably the same thing: the man promoting the product. The presence of a famous or respected person in an advert is a factor strongly considered by the targeted market when buying a product.

To conclude all of this, all I can say is that both adverts are really clear at who they are targeting their products at, and their get their messages through in a very simple but effective way. They both focus on their audience’s presumed desires, and use these well to persuade their audience to buy the product. They also use a wide variety of techniques to make the adverts look more professional and enjoyable to look at. Both adverts have something in them to catch and hold the attention of the reader. They are good and useful adverts.