Good communication

A business with a flat structure is normally very small. There are usually only a small amount of people working in it. These companies have good communication and they all keep in contact with each other because there are not a lot of people. There is also faster response for new ideas and customer requests. Hierarchical Structure A hierarchical structure consists of more than three layers and is much taller than a flat structure. Hierarchical structures are sometimes called Pyramid Structures.

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As you go down each row there are more employees working. It starts of with the Manager and goes down to the last regular employee. An organisation with a flat structure has more jobs and responsibilities between them; this is a span of direct. A flat structure is flexible and helps the design team of Cyber net can face any problems without any hassle. If everyone has to work longer than usual to meet an important deadline then this will not cause anyone any problems as everyone will work late and may take time off later to compensate.

The communication in a flat organisation structure is more informal than in a hierarchical and the numbers of people in the hierarchical structure are smaller than the flat structure so this makes communication easy for everyone in a flat structure. Sources of information Morrison-Web site. Www. Morrisons. Co. uk helped me to get information about Morrisons history. I could also see new products which had came out and I could get the logo for Morrisons.

Morrison- Jane Macarthur helped me to understand the way that Morrisons work as a business. The information I didn1t know I asked a question and found out. Which was really useful. Morrison- Leaflets in information sheet helped me to find out what was in Morrisons and way it was Text book- GNVQ Business Heinemann- Gary forth and nelid 2000 ISBN 043545299. Helped me a great deal , because some of the thing on the sheet I didn’t understand and by looking up in the GNVQ Business book helped me. Read about Factors that Hinder Effective Communication