Good or poor customer

Give detailed examples of good or poor customer service you have received? 3 of good examples 1. I bought an mp3 which had one year guarantee from Dixon’s which is well known as the UK’s leading electrical retailer, after three months of using the mp3 the screen didn’t not work so I went and asked what I can do, 1min of explaining they swapped for a new one and I still have it till present.

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2. I bought a pair of jeans from blue ink but I wasn’t sure of the size I went home and tried it on better and the size wasn’t right so I had to return it, but I was not well for a couple of days so I couldn’t take them back after 5 days I went back to change size they said they don’t have the size I’m requesting so they offer me my money back. 3.

I went to pc world which is a company which sells customers computers and accessories with good value for money, I went in with the information of a the computer I was looking for and a assistance walked up to us and asked if we wanted help so I explained the computer I want and in second he found the match for me. The problem was the design wasn’t right and the price was high so I asked if they got a different design so the assistance showed me other range of computers with the same things I was looking for.

3 of poor examples 1. I went in to the corner shop near my house and I asked them for a child bus pass so they said to me do I mean a adult bus pass I said no I am not 16 yet, I was wearing school uniform so I can tell they know I am a student but they still did not believe me, they asked me to get any information on paper which can prove that I am a student or my passport.

I bought a game from a game shop and when I went home to play the game I realise that the game has already been used, so before playing the game I went back to swap or refund it and they have told me that if you have used the game you cant refund I explained that I did not use the game but they still didn’t believe me so I had to walk back home with the same game. Read also Accolade versus Sega case study answers

I was waiting for a bus to go home and I did not have enough money to buy a one day bus pass so I said I should just spend enough money to get me on the bus and get me home but I never been in the area before and when I got on the bus which I paid 1. 50 for before even one stop I have realise that I am on the wrong side so I went and asked really nicely to the bus driver to give my money back ,I explained I got on the wrong bus and that it has not been one stop yet but the bus driver was very rude and said what do you want me to do about it and he said if I am on the wrong bus I should get off or sit down on a chair.