Government play important role in industry

First, the government have to think about the types of industries in their country because it depends on their physical factors. For example, Cambodia country, its lands are good for agriculture, so the government try to encourage people to do more on this type of industry. As we can know that Cambodia good at growing crops, it means that we can export our production to other countries to develop our economic well. One more thing is that, there are many tourism site in here, so the government rye to advertise and protect about those places to get more tourist to visit.

It means that we can also get benefit from this industry as well. Moreover, for other countries, theirs lands are not quite well about agriculture, but they have natural resources, so they focus more on how to use their natural resources usefully into their industry. Second, about the location of each industries, there are many points to think about such as energy, raw material, and human resource. Before all industries should be built.

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For energy, it refers to the power needed to run machines such as computers, equipment for operation, lighting, and so on, so if that location has no electricity, how can those industries work. Furthermore, about law material, If the industries are far from the raw material resources, the owner of those industries have to spend much money to import them from somewhere and it takes long time to transport them to the industry. In addition, an industry needs many workers so by locating close to a resource employment is made easier. Third, the government also the one who helps the growth of industries.

This point is mainly focused in the assistance of government over the incentives for the industries with taxation, peaceful country,and strict law of commerce. By taxation, the governments should not take much tax from the investors that come to do business in their country, Just take maybe 20 to 30 percent from the original price. Plus, the government have to make sure that their country are peace by having no war or any problems, so investors will come to their entries more and more because they will feel secure whenever they come.

Last, the government have to set the strict law of commerce. When the government can do that, they can make the investors feel reliable in those government by having no cheating on others. In short, all industries are the main part in helping to develop economic in every countries. That’s why the government have to stand up to update their industries by thinking of types of industries, location as well as the growth of industries in order to run the economic smoothly.