Hamburger and Flat-panel Industry

What does this case tell us about the future of production in an increasingly global economy? This case tells us that the future of our production industry is going o increasingly revolve around the global economy and that the globalization of markets and production will continue to grow. Research another industry that has experienced globalization or may be a good candidate for globalization in the future and share your example with the class and explain why you selected the industry. Another industry that has experienced globalization is the fast food industry.

For example I looked at McDonald’s and Burger King. First, McDonald’s “does business in 118 countries around the world” (International franchising, 2013, Para. 1). Then I mound that the Burger King system “operates approximately 12,000 restaurants in all 50 states and in 73 countries and U. S. Territories worldwide” (International locations, 2013, Para. 1). I chose to look at this industry because it is always growing and I found it very interesting to see how many different countries that they operate in.

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Choose two countries (other than the U. S. ) within the same region of the world. Assess the political risks, economic risks, and legal risks of each country. The two countries I chose to asses are Spain and Italy. Spain is a country that is currently going through economic turmoil and is governed by a parliamentary monarchy. Currently Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the European Union (Kern, 2010). Next I looked at Italy which is governed by a democratic republic.

Italy also has the 8th largest economy in the world and is the 3rd largest in the Rezone (Recall & Hamburger and Flat-panel Industry By Ghastliness’s would have to choose Italy. Despite any political or economical problems, Italy seems to be the more stable option to choose. References: Archival, A. And Senselessness, F. (2013) Italy’s economy is much stronger than it seems. Retrieved on July 28, 2013, from http://www. Pontifications. Com/frank- senselessness/Italy-economy_b_3401988. HTML Hill, C. (2013).