Health care industry

Hospitals’ are the major source of revenue in the health care industry and coming in second are physician offices, and the design aspects can determine how well and quickly a patient can recover, the amount of patients a facility can accommodate and renewable energy the facility output in as go green is a big part of the U. S. Now and days. The ultimate dream goal of a role played in the health care industry 10 years from now would be managing if not running a department within a health care facility or a managing an entire facility.

One would hope to start off with possibly nursing as an RAN then work up to the managing role. But as long as one can provide care to others n some way or another whether it is through nursing or being the first line of introductory to the patient and their family as a receptionist. Either way it is making some type of difference in helping e patient heal and providing the utmost in quality of care. The best way to adapt it to continue with learning, this doesn’t necessarily meaning getting another degree, but attending staff meeting, seminars and classes hat update the healthcare staff on new techniques and procedures.

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Also another great way to adapt is to be active and try to get involved with the community and its surroundings. Acclimating oneself to the local environment that will be their everyday work place as well as interacting with the other staff can not only help in becoming adapted but have a better understanding of different culture backgrounds as well, which can only set one up for success. On a personal note, my perception of health care has changed a little throughout he program, but mostly from personal experiences in the health care industry both employment wise and patient wise.

What I have learned throughout the course has only improved my knowledge and curiosity. One being that on maternity leave as I was expecting during the course and through research and speaking with others expecting mothers through pregnancy forums, from different countries leave is a major issue in the United States, which leads into what had the most significant impact. The biggest impact that health care has made was the cost of medications ND how other countries such as Canada have made it readily available nod easy to not only receive medications at not such an expensive rate but to receive health care without the big cost.

However, on a personal level and dear to my heart is the health care standards and regulations in the work place for maternity leave. In U. S. Laws and regulations on maternity are one of the most non consequential laws in the world. Whereas other countries such as Canada or Australia allow maternity leave up to a year and that is paid leave. We can say that it is going to evolve and the start was with the electronic medical and health records.

Another way that the technology is evolving is the advancements in procedures and how they will cut down the amount of time not only the patient has to spend under anesthesia for health reasons but the physician can tend to more patients and the recovery is much faster depending on the circumstances of the patient. The future of technology also involves the advancements of cures for many illnesses one of them being cancer. It is hard to say what the economic issues are going to be in the next 10 years but one can only hope that the issues are better than what they are now.