Healthcare Industry

Region Roy Health Care Industry Paper Health care is one of the largest industries in America and it has change over the years. This paper will look at some aspects of health care and how it has changed over the years. Several aspects of the medical industry have changed from how medication is given to how medical information is kept and stored for medical research. The paper will explain how health care has changed over the last 10 years, and the biggest changes that will affect health care in the next 10 years.

The paper ill also discuss what my role will be in the health industry, especially when it comes to adapting the skills learned into the health care industry. Along with the information mentioned above, my perception of how the health care industry has changed over the course of my program. Lastly, the role of technology in healthcare organizations in the decades to come will be discussed along with the financial and economic issues that will affect the health care industry within the next 10 years. Health Care in 10 years

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The health care delivery system of today has undergone remarkable changes, even over the relatively diminutive period of the past decade. New and emerging technologies, including drugs, devices, procedures, tests, and imaging machinery, have changed patterns of care and sites where care is provided. Some of the changes that have occurred are as follows: In early medicine many physicians worried more about their patients and the inside calling to medicine. Physicians have moved from Healthcare Industry By regenerator testing are finding high false/positive outcomes.

Ambulatory or outpatient surgery centers are making it possible to have surgery done the same day, instead of spending weeks in the hospital. New drugs are being put on the market that may cure or lengthen the course of the disease, although it may be at increased cost and may require constant follow-up to monitor effects of the medication by practitioners. Great efforts have been made to educate the public on the importance of prevention methods and lifestyle changes. Discoveries have been made to decrease the incidence and prevalence of major diseases. Organizations have been put in place to make sure set guidelines are followed.

Health care utilization also has evolved as the population’s need for care has changed over time. Some factors that influence need include aging, population shifts, and changes in the incidence of different disease. Services have been designed to decrease the loss of function and to keep individuals out of long-term care settings. My View of the Health Care Industry As health care continues to change and expand, the biggest change in the health care would be the adaptation of electronic medical care. Electronic medical care will begin from how the patient is taken cared of and the retention of medical records.

Telekinetic may be a tremendous advancement in the health care industry. Teledyne will allow physicians to take care of a patient without even leaving his house. Telekinetic will probably eliminate some Job positions and reduce the cost of health care. With telekinetic, patients don’t have to leave their house to seek medical care. They can obtain medical care right in front of their computers or in front of their television screen. The role off health care administrator will be a difficult one as health care continues to change. Everyone does not adapt to change very well.

As a health care administrator my main role would be to keep the lines of communication open. By keeping the lines of communication open, everyone will be able to voice their worries and also make suggestions for improvement. My duty will include working closely with the physicians and nurses to understand the purpose for the change and find ways to ease the transition which will allow them to continue o do the work they enjoy and provide quality patient care. No matter how much technology is brought into the health care industry, patient care will remain a priority.

Making sure that the legal and ethical ways of patient care is maintained. I will adapt my skills to evolve along with the industries needs by constantly enhancing my knowledge. As a leader, education continues and Just does not stop by earning a degree. Seminars are provided to professionals when there is a new change. By attending these seminars your knowledge is enhanced and the information learned is brought back to educate everyone who works with you. As an administrator it is your Job to survey what educational needs need to be met, and you are responsible to make the changes to educate your staff.

My perception of the health care industry didn’t really change much because I have been in the medical field for over 10 years and have seen the changes that have been good and others that have not been so good. The program did help me to have a better understanding on how all the factors play a part in the Health Care Administrators role. I do feel that Health Care Administrators do handle a lot more than what I thought and at times things could be a bit much but a good and determined Technology Technology plays a major role in the health care industry.

The advancement in technology has led to new medical possibilities in diagnostic testing and outcomes. Many government leaders such as Obama believe that technology will save the health care industry and become a medical resource. Government leaders believe that computerizing will eliminate 30 percent of medical cost that are due to inefficiency (Scroll, 2008). Advanced diagnostic will encourage prevention and reduce costly reactive treatment. The advancement of technology will also assist in the effective gathering and utilization of public health information.

This information will provide researchers with accurate information over a long period of time. Financial and Economics in 10 years The financial and economic standard has changed in many ways for the past 10 years. During the recession, health coverage benefits were reduced by employers and employees had to take health insurance coverage with higher deductibles. Those ho lost their Jobs had to pay for COBRA insurance, which had premiums that they could not afford. There several changes that also occurred with Medicaid and Medicare.

Office co-pays continue to rise and the price for medications also continue to increase. Unfortunately, the elderly population has to suffer the most with these changes because they cannot afford them with the amount they collect from social security. Majority of these disadvantages leave many uninsured. Conclusion No one really knows what is in store for the health care industry within the next 10 ears or so but I can say that I feel that whatever it is, it will be well worth the wait.

I look back from when I first got into the health care industry and how things are now and how much they have changed. I never thought we would get rid of charts and here we are with electronic medical records that allow us to see patient information from all over. Our future medical personnel don’t know what is in store for them but not matter what the health care industry will continue to evolve. Reference Scroll, A. (2008). Will Technology Cure Health Care – Or Kill It?. Retrieved from http://