Heavy price

My next advert is for the car Jaguar XK8 taken from the “what car” magazine. The idea of the magazine in which this advert is published in is to advertise the brand of Jaguar. In this advert Jaguar have tried to distinguish this new model from the old. The concept behind this new Jaguar is its advance in technological capability. The advert is divided into two A4 sheets. The fact that it is advertised in a magazine is important because the advert can contain more textual information, which in this case it does. On the left hand side of the advert there is a very large image of the product, the new Jaguar. The image has been captured in such a way that gives the impression of raw speed and aggression.

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Past knowledge of the Jaguar brand has showed that its cars are mainly aimed at businessmen and women. To enforce the idea of speed in the reader’s minds, the background scene around the image of the car has been smeared across the advert. This simple technique, known as futurism, has allowed the image of the car to seem as though it is travelling at high speeds. Although the manufacturers want this new model Jaguar to seem more technologically advanced than previous models, they still wanted the old qualities such as sleek body shapes and luxury designs to be evident. Also, the trademarks of the Jaguar Company, which include traditions such as elegance and sophistication. This basic knowledge of the company allows us to assess more improvements made on this new design.

The second page of the advert consists of text, small images of the new car, the name and cost of the car and jaguars symbol, a wild cat that the company has been named after. The colour usage on this half of the advert consists of a simple contrast of colour. As you can see, black writing has been used on a white background. This is a method used by designer to make selected text to stand out.

In this case it is used by the designers to stand out and draw the reader’s attention to certain information. The small images of the car are taking from different angles, which accentuate the trademark design of that jaguar brand. These include elegant interiors, cat-like design and sophisticated machinery. Again it is another technique used by the designers. In this case, it is used to provide the reassurance that the new model still follows the successful qualities that make a jaguar a car to be desired. The main concept behind this is to make the reader desire the car and its beauty.

The textual message itself is spread across the two pages in a symmetrical manner. On the left hand side there is light coloured writing on top of a dark background. On the right hand side it is dark coloured writing on a light background. This is another way to attract the reader’s attention to certain information. The message it self reads as “It’s why people stop and look before crossing the road” Again this enforces the idea of technological advancement and superior design. The mental image created is of a fast car speeding past but it’s beautiful features still reaming to stand out. The image on the advert shows this.

The message given across by this advert is that this new jaguar is different from all other cars. Its unique qualities will turn heads whilst you drive by. This is the message the designers are trying to show. I think this advert is successful in showing the class and sophistication of a Jaguar. It is effective in making the car seem more for the upper-class members of society. I say upper class due to the fact that this jaguar has kept another tradition, its heavy price.

Compared to the advert for the Peugeot, this advert is trying to achieve much less. The manufacturers of the Peugeot are trying to make their new car appeal to wider range of people than their previous model. Whilst Jaguar are trying to advertise a new model, which is still aimed at the normal members of society that can afford such a car. Both adverts are however successful in what they are designed to do, create awareness of the new product. Both adverts employ the same methods but their message is different. I believe that an advert that contains a deep message will always prevail over adverts that don’t. These two adverts are evident of this opinion.