Heavy Truck Industry in Chinese

In the next few years, the concentration of the heavy truck industry will continue to rise. As the largest Chinese heavy truck enterprise, Dingdong Motor Corporation designates its subsidiary Dingdong Commercial Vehicle to produce and operate heavy trucks, with the production bases in Shinny (Huber), Quizzes(Huber), Luzon (Axing) and Gaining. In 2013, its market share reached 21. 41%, nearly one percentage point higher than 2012. China’s second-largest light truck manufacturer JACK has made quick progress in the field of heavy trucks over recent years.

In 2010, the company stepped into the heavy truck market through the cooperation with Invariants and Caterpillar, as well as launched Gallop series products. After several years of development, Sac’s heavy truck sales volume grew by 34. 98% year on year during the period from January to May of 2014, far higher than the average growth rate of the industry; the market share hit 5. 31%, up 1. 7 percentage points from 2013. With the deepened cooperation with Invariants, JACK is expected to embrace further development in Chinese heavy truck market.

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