HIM industry

The ANIMA was founded in 1928 by the American college of Surgeons when they first established the Association of record Librarians of North America. The ANIMA was created to improve health record quality, and the effective management of health data, so that healthcare providers could deliver quality care to the public. Throughout the decades there has been several name changes. In 1938 the Association changed its name to the American Association of Medical Record Librarians, then again in 1970 when it became the American Medical Record Association.

The last name change came in 1991 to what all HIM professionals have mom to know as the American Health Information Association. These name changes come as a reflection to the Associations process for moving forward with its knowledge and technology. The ANIMA mission for making this possible, is by transforming health data. The ANIMA is committed to developing HIM leaders throughout the profession. Recognizing that HIM professionals are health industry experts.

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ANIMA is advancing new software and technology, and the HIM professional are benefiting from this. The association is also encouraging the public to get involved in their own personal health records. The ANIMA forefathers paved the way, so that I as a soon to be emerging HIM professional, may have the right skills and tools needed to be successful in the career that they worked so hard in achieving. That we as new HIM professionals will act as leaders in our respected professions.

I read somewhere that new HIM professionals need to have the right vision, education, and creativity to adapt to this rapidly growing field, and I believe this to be so. New HIM professionals need to have core values. I as a new HIM professional must posses the quality to demonstrate the commitment to be innovating, and to continue o improve the necessary programs, products, and services all HIM professional use. That we must have Integrity by our openness in our decision making, and honesty in our communication, and practice that command with trust and support.

Respect is mentioned, and I believe it to be important as a HIM professional. Without respect how can we appreciate one another’s differences and opinions. Then there is leadership. Without visionary thinking were would we be today in the HIM profession. If the people that came before us never had the creativity to search HIM industry By Million locals set for myself as a newly emerging HIM professional. I wished to advance my education after I’m finished with my associates degree in Health information technology.

I want to be that person who makes a difference in this field and I believe enough in myself that I know I will make it happen, and I can do this by upholding the ANIMA code of ethics. The ANIMA code of ethics serves seven purposes. First to promote high standards of the HIM profession. It identifies the core values on which the HIM mission is based. Summarizes ethical principals that reflect the HIM professions core values. Establishes a set ethical principal to be a guide to decision-making and its actions.

Establishes a framework for professional behavior and responsibilities when obligations conflict with ethical uncertainties. Provides ethical principals by which the general public can hold the HIM professional accountable. And lastly. Mentors practitioners new to the field, uphold WHIM’S mission, values, and ethical principals. As I begin learning more about the HIM profession I’m excited to be going into a field with new visionary direction. And I’m looking forward to the new information that this field is coming up with every day