History of Food and Beverage Industry

The ancient travelers were mainly pilgrims, traders and military men, but whenever there was a military movement they used to carry accommodation and food with them. It was the traders and the pilgrims who wanted the provision of food and accommodation. The first Inns had nothing more than a cot or a bench towards the corner of the room or the stable. Here sanitation and privacy were non-existent. People used to share room with livestock. In the 3rd century, Roman Empire built roads in Europe to facilitate the traders.

Soon a chain of roadside Inns was constructed from Spain to Turkey. This continued to be same till the end of 17th century for common men. The wealthy used to stay at their friends’ place or with relatives, but soon they too realized the need for accommodation for their class. Thus the European castle-like structure sprung up. This had the provision of sanitation, privacy and all the luxury that they demanded. This structure came to be known as ‘Hotel’, the French equivalent for Mansion.

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Colonial American Inns were modeled fete the Europeans and the practice of sharing was common. Towards the end of the 17th century, the concept of Hotel with a living room and a bath attached for common men came into existence. The American innkeepers improved the quality of service by providing comfort and sanitation at affordable rates. A giant leap in this direction was the establishment of City Hotel in the year 1794. At was the largest hotel in New York, exclusively used for lodging purpose and inspired the construction of other pioneer hotels.

Another milestone was the establishment of Trenton House in 1829 that was offering a private room with locking facility, washbasin, water pitcher, soap in the bathroom and above all, a full time service staff. Palace Hotel established in 1874 had A. C, fire sprinklers, plumbing system and other luxurious facilities. This was followed by the transformation to different forms of hotels like budget hotels, resorts, motels etc. Reference: http://paramilitaries. Bloodspot. Com/2012/10/origin-of-food- beverage- service-industry. HTML History of Food and Beverage Industry By amphitheater