Hospital management system

Problem statement Statistics from the ministry of health report on the state of regional referral hospitals In Uganda Indicates that more than 80% of the hospitals still use the book register system for example a file is opened for each patient that is admitted to the hospital, keeping financial records in books among others. The report further highlights that there are poor relations between patients and the medical personnel [3] Justification

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An interaction with CEO of Mongolia Mission Orthodox Hospital revealed that the book keeping system Is time consuming, Involves a lot of paper work, Its tedious for example when reviewing past records since one has to find the patient’s file, limited security of the data for example most hospitals in Uganda attach patients files to their beds where they can be accessed by anyone, misplacing of patients’ files, loss of all the Information about the patients incase fire guts the store room where files are kept. 1] A survey conducted around Kampala shows that some hospitals such as Cadmic, Mongo and Namesake hospitals have tried to adopt the computerized systems. However, these systems record patient’s arrivals and are used for billing purposes. Furthermore, these systems are only accessible by the administration and cannot be accessed outside the hospital premises. The main aim of this project is to create and implement a computerized hospital management system that will overcome some of the existing limitations of the current system.

The project electronic hospital management system Includes registration of patients, storing their details Into the yester, computerized billing, a mobile application, SMS notifications to Improve relations between patients and the medical personnel. This system will efficiently maintain the details about the patient, simultaneously update changes made to any data, Item In the entire data base, will be faster than manual system, provide prescription, precautions and diet advice, billing, minimize manual data entry, user friendly and interactive, saves time and provide back up of information.

Background According to the ministry of health report on regional referral hospitals (2010/2011), here are 143 hospitals In Uganda. Of these, 66 are government hospitals, 61 are private not for profit and 16 are privately owned hospitals. [2] In this report, 80% of these hospitals have a poor record keeping system. A few hospitals including Mask regional referral hospital, Sort and Gull have established good up to date record keeping systems including patient’s records and financial records.

To create a mobile application for the user level Methodology This project will contain databases that will store data and a website where the administration and users can access and modify the data. It maintains two levels of users:- Administrator Level who can add data into the database User Level who can only access their own data with a correct user id and password. The system will have a MODEM and a microelectronic circuit interfaced to the computer which will enable sending of SMS notifications. A mobile application will be created for the user level to enable the user access the data remotely.

Expected results A mobile application that will enable the user to check out his or her medical records using a phone A site where both the user and the administrators can access the system and make additions to the data base and/or check the medical records of the attends Databases where patient information will be stored Project timeline.