Hospital Management System

It offers a lot of features and boast of seamless integration of all the Hospital’s activities. Every department In your hospital will be hooked up to the HAMS and It has a lot of advantages. In the light of these and more we are hereby proposing to design, develop and deploy a Hospital Management System for your reputable Hospital. Features of the proposed Hospital Management System (HAMS) The hospital management system being a platform Is built on run basically as an Enterprise Resource and Planning solution.

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The Hospital management system Server ill host the core application framework and the databases. Each unit in the hospital will have access to the server thru instances of the application running on their browsers. This ensures that every unit regardless of their system configuration can have access to the server and Issues on a client machine will not Impede the application as that resides on the server alone e. G. Most modern banking software. The activities a unit can do on the application will vary on the activities of that unit.

For instance the Consultants can have access to Patient medical records and lab ports but not sales records while the Cash office cannot have access to medical records as this should be accessible to the medical personnel alone. The Chief medical Director will have access to do more things with the application and generate regular Reports for the Board of Directors and other necessary bodies. The hospital management system will be able to among other things: Automate the registration of new patient and help with the conversion of existing medical records into digital form. Accounting standard using Charts of accounts

Make access to patient record and treatment history a one click access by the consultants or whosoever will require it. ACID 10 complaint diagnosis classification and reviews for standard medical recording and statistics Record sales and manage financial transaction activities thereby reducing leakages and frauds Support for Clients with more than one hospital location 1 OFF management Assist in Human Resource Management in areas such as salary and loan management, check-in and check-out time, query handling, award and promotion etc. Generate various reports for use by management and for research

Improve communication within and outside your hospital through emails and SMS server integration Management of Laboratory, Nursing services and Radiological services A capability to extend the functionality through the integration of customized function (I. E. The application would be customized) Provide e-medicine support I. E. Medical consultation for patients and people who might not be able come to the hospital through Live Chat and Instant Messaging Advantages of the Hospital Management System (HAMS) All these will translate into the following advantages: Increase the hospital’s turnover.

Better and quicker medical service delivery to patients Elimination of graft and leakages in your financial management Improved corporate image for your hospital as a world-class IT compliant one Open new income streams for your hospital through channels such as e-Medicine Ensure better staff management devoid of sentiments and based purely on merit Reduction in the amount of paperwork and its attending errors such as misrepresented handwriting etc Privacy management will be enhanced as only authorized personnel will have remission to access restricted information or to modify it.