Hospital Management System

In developed societies, hospitals especially laboratories are equipped with computers to process patients samples and return the results to the operator (the Medical laboratory scientist). In such laboratories, details of previous visits by a patient such as attending doctors, laboratory attendants, nature of ailments etc are easily made available and help in a comprehensive medical record of the patients. A comprehensive web-based system is the principal Ingredient of a specialized Hospital Management System.

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It must possess all the ingredients of a centralized yester with addition to procedures and processes that allow for simultaneous access to data at various points (nodes). Nigerian today have become also pre occupied with health and fitness that getting and staying healthy are quick becoming most of the greatest of all Nigerian pastimes. Being fit is now in vogue. There are many weekly and monthly health and fitness magazines, and currently diet and exercise books have consistently been among the ‘top ten” on non-fiction best-seller lists.

Health and fitness-club memberships have soared and a 24-hour cable Television lath network now offers comprehensive medical, scientific and self-care information. All these activities are facilitated by the programmable electronic device I. E. Computer. There are several thousands of areas the computer is applicable and new applications are being developed almost every day. This project highlights the role of computer in hospitals using a Web-based System for easy accessibility of patient’s medical record, and for easy diagnoses and treatment of ailments, easy referencing to patients past medical records, for management decision making.

Being patient-centric, the system makes it possible for all disparate files on a patient to be housed in a centrally located master file, ensuring retrieval and management of files effortless. Plus, easy integration ensures a faster start up. (SIGIL, 2010) HAMS has been so designed as to make its usage intuitive, which makes adoption of HAMS by the hospital personnel quick and easy. Its high level of scalability ensures quick upgrades when change in the hospital’s business practices so demands.