Hospitality Industry

Problems in placement of Human Resource in the Hospitality industry due to: 0 No apartment to consult for trained staff. 0 No records of the industry regarding availability of Jobs. 0 No database of the trained staff already working in the industry. 0 Poor knowledge of industrial requirements. 0 No understanding of organizational behavior. 0 Lack of proficiency in foreign languages such as English, French, Arabic etc. 0 Stranded students confused which career to choose. 0 Lack of entrepreneurship concept 0 Lack of industry commitment of Jobs for certified professionals.

VISION & MISSION If proper steps are taken then:- 1. Awareness regarding hospitality industry will increase. . The social mindset of the people about professions such as chefs, bakers, waiters etc. Will change. 3. Trained staff will be available to the industry. 4. A mechanism will be present through which trained staff can liaise with the industry. 5. The level of employment will increase. 6. Updated records of the industry regarding Jobs will be available. 7. Communication skills of the staff will improve. 8. Staff will be able to fulfill the requirements of the industry. . Living standard of the people will improve. 10. Awareness of the people about the country as well as the world would increase. 11. Good services will be available to the customer. 12. The impression of Pakistan in the eyes of the world will improve. 13. The concept of entrepreneurship will develop among the common people. 14. A positive impact on government exchequer will appear. 15. The level of employability and social status will increase. 16. Due to trained staff businesses will be successful. 17. Tourism will flourish.

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Hospitality Industry By wasn’t THEORY OF CHANGE In a country like Pakistan, where less than 1. 4% of children enrolled in primary schools manage to reach universities and professional colleges, the demand of killed professionals in the Job market is overwhelming. According to the UNDO report there is overwhelming evidence that the best investment countries can make is in the field of basic education and professional training. By taking proper steps unemployment rate can be reduced. Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world but unfortunately in Pakistan people are unaware of it.

Skilled labor for the hospitality industry is not available and there are many problems in the placement of human resource. What needs to be done is that awareness should e generated among the common people about the hospitality industry. This will help in increasing the value of professions such as chef, baker, waiter etc. In the eye of common people. Awareness about the institutes offering hospitality related courses will increase and the students will have more career choices. It will enable the students to choose their career according to their interest and they may be able to understand the importance of their career.

Proper counseling and exercises will let the students to explore their hidden capabilities and talents. Another step is to et up a mechanism through which the trained staff may communicate with the industry. This will enable them to stay in touch with the industry and be familiar with its requirements. Due to this, updated records regarding the availability of Jobs will be available. This will enable the staff to fulfill the industrial requirements. The performance, behavior, and communication skills of the staff will improve.

The concept of entrepreneurship which is duly recognized will be cleared among the common folks. In a society where Who you know has replaced What you know as a ajar criteria for Jobs, chances of employment are bleak due to massive downsizing in public sector. There is saturation of labor in some specific fields, while some are in deficit. By giving information to the students about different departments of hospitality industry and the Jobs available, they can be motivated towards the hospitality industry. This will provide skilled labor to the industry and help in its growth.

Due to profitable businesses foreign investment will come in the country bringing opportunities of employment with it. Good services will be available to the customers and tourism will flourish. As unemployment will decrease, people will have a gainful Job option due to which other social immoralities will reduce. Students will be more dedicated and careful about their career. All these factors will contribute positively in the development of the country. THE SOLUTION The solution is divided in four stages and shall answer the following basic questions: I.

What is the prospect in hospitality industry? It. Which department is to be chosen according to capabilities? Iii. How to fulfill the requirements of the industry? The stages of the solution are as follows:- A. Through awareness campaigns:- industry. 0 Arranging exhibitions and seminars. 0 Motivating the students towards hospitality industry. 0 Giving information about the institutions offering hospitality industry related courses. Providing counseling to the students. 0 Giving them complete information about different departments of the hotel industry and the Jobs availability. Making them understand the importance of their career. 0 Helping them explore their hidden capabilities. B. Financial resources:- 0 Acquaint the prospect students about the existing resources. Explore new financial resources to sponsor these students. Help the students to avail the scholarships available. C. By setting up a system to groom the students according to the industrial needs:- 0 Providing a mechanism through which the students may communicate with the industry. 0 Making organizational relations with the H. R Managers of the hotel industry. Sending trained students on internships to the professional working environment. 0 Providing skilled labor to the industry. 0 Keeping records regarding the availability of Jobs. 0 Acquaint the students about the Job requirements. 0 Improving the organizational behavior and communication skills of the students. Making them understand the concept of entrepreneurship. D. Through internet & media:- 0 Generating awareness through the internet and media. 0 Making a complete teenage website with not only educational factor but also the entertainment section.

Making documentaries on the hospitality industry. 0 Awareness through print media in the form of brochures, pamphlets etc. SOCIAL IMPACT 1. Awareness about the hospitality industry will stimulate more people towards this industry. 2. Students will have more career choices to choose according to their interest. 3. Students will perform well in their field of interest due to proper ligament. 4. Students will be motivated towards their career. 5. As a result skilled labor will be available for the hospitality industry. 6.

This will reduce the waste of time and raw material in the industry and will lower the cost. 7. The profit will increase and the industry will grow with a faster pace and will provide more Job opportunities. 8. Due to more profitable businesses foreign investment will come into the country. 9. As a result unemployment will decrease. 10. This will decrease poverty. 11. All social conflicts and disputes will reduce. 12. It will reduce potential social ills by providing a useful Job option. 3. It will break social taboos and set a trend for future generations. 14.