Housing Management System

System providing proper information of the student’s. Nowadays, the most part of monthly record of each students in every boarding house is spending to receive another boarders and the leaving of boarders. Since the Student Housing Management System Is the base of all records in an organization. SUMS is a combination of hardware, software, Infrastructure and trained personnel organized to facilitate planning, control, coordination, and decision aging in an organization.

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Having a Students Housing Management System is very important in every boarding houses. It can be done in manual process or electronic. The difference between manual and computerized process is that manual process is to be done by a person or using a tool in doing a specific function, while electronic process uses computer system or other programs that could be used In the operation in doing specific task, making It easy and quicker than the manual process.

The costive effect of this project is by maintaining the records of the students in every boarding houses and determine those students who are leaving in his/her boarding house. This project should be updated and maintain the monitoring of each students in every boarding. This system is used by the students services which the user or authorized personnel can Input data into a computer and provide data for the user. B. Purpose and Description: We are proposing this (SUMS) Student Housing Management System so that the dents could find the vacant boarding houses and be able to know if where it is located.

This system will allow the user to store data and determine if there is a vacant room in that boarding house or if it is still available. C. Objectives: The general objectives of this study was to develop a database system that would handle the DEBASEMENTS Students Housing Management System specifically aimed to provide the students an electronic compact storage of information of boarding houses and student housing management system. To provide the list of occupants for student services.

To provide a picture in database where they can find a vacant boarding houses. ; To provide a electronic monthly monitoring system in every boarding houses. ; To provide a print module for all database report. The developers used Database. This system is used for storing data, and retrieving the data for special purpose which is used in student’s services of DEBASEMENTS. This system is applicable only for the students and the coordinator of student’s services.