How Customer Services Can Be Monitored and Evaluated

There are many ways and methods a business can monitor and evaluate customer service. Domino’s can monitor its customer service by: Web surveys – this is one of the most common methods of monitoring and evaluating customer services. This method is very easy and useful to the companies because this way you will get the results quickly. If people want to order pizza from domino’s online, they can fill In the survey on the website. Web survey Is not the only way domino’s can monitor customer service.

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They can also give out questionnaires to people while going into domino’s and collect it from them while leaving the shop. Training staffs – by training staffs regularly, domino’s can rely on it staffs to always be helpful to customers, to be courteous and knowledgeable. The training should include what customer service Is and how to deliver good customer service regularly and other Important things the staffs should know about. Comment;suggestion Cards – the main reasons why companies monitor and evaluate customer service is to get feedback so they can improve on the things that didn’t go right at first.

When the company gets feedback from customers, like comments or any complaint letters, this will help them identify where the problem is coming from and what they need to do to make It better. But some customers (Internal and external) make suggestions on how to Improve the services your company might provide, this Is also a very useful way of using the customers feedback to identify the problem and making sure you do not face the same problems again. Treat employees well – Employees are a business’s internal customers and need a jugular dose of appreciation.

Thank them and find ways to let them know how Important they are. Treat your employees with respect and chances are they will have a higher regard for customers. Treating customers and employees well Is equally important for any business’s success. Know how to apologize – When something goes wrong, apologize. Customers are not always right, but they sometimes think they are; customer must always win. Domino’s should deal with problems immediately and let customers know what they have done to solve any conflict.

Domino should value their customers’ complaints. As much as businesses dislike it, it gives them an opportunity to improve. Even if customers are having a bad day, staffs should go out of their way to make them feel comfortable. Mystery shoppers – mystery shopping Is a common practice In many businesses to their customer service delivery levels. Mystery shoppers pose as a normal customer and review the entire customer service experience they had. They give a detailed report on their observations the business.