How Technology has Influenced Business and Society

The purpose of this report is to explore and explain how: broadband, mobile communications, networks, home workstations and television communication benefit and worsen society and business- concluding with a recommendation of technology to 4688 Adventures. Broadband Revolutionary with regards to the advance in speed and efficiency, broadband has changed the lives of innumerable people across the world- in both business and social aspects.

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The first impact broadband has on business is in existing firms. Due to the increased speed of broadband compared with dial-up, efficiency in developing new products (in such businesses as Samsung) and services (in such businesses as is increased considerably. Additionally, knowledge-based businesses, such as news providers, which are generally reliant on the internet to source a lot of their information can decrease time spent on sourcing the information and thus provide it to customers more quickly than competitors.

Broadband’s high speed and efficiency also has an effect on new businesses. Broadband aids a vast amount of new businesses emerge by reducing barriers to entry in certain sectors. Although there are many ways in which this can occur, cloud computing is perhaps the most significant as it dramatically reduces the upfront capital and ongoing support costs of setting up in business and allows steady, flexible growth.

Many business employees are enabled by broadband to have flexible working patterns as a timeslot for internet use does not have to be regimentally allocated. These flexible working patterns not only improve employee self-satisfaction but also enhance their working performance and open up new employment opportunities for those who before had little time in the day for work. Society also benefits from broadband’s high speed and efficiency. The ease at which one can access such high-quality internet- education, communication and general information for no additional cost than the monthly internet bill means that people are brought closer by such online communication programs as Skype and Windows Live Messenger. Additionally, people that would otherwise have no means to knowledge and education- for instance in deprived countries- are more able to access it.


Nevertheless, there are alse disadvantages to broadband. Costs are much higher than dial-up and thus is less available to many less people. However, this price does pay for the use of internet for multiple devices in a household whereas dial-up funds for only one device so could be seen as cheaper. Mobile Communications Mobile communication has benefitted many businesses around the globe with regards to how businesses are now not confined to a stationary position.

Contact is now made simple on the move due to the current abundance commonness of Smartphones- which were previously reserved for the elite due to their exclusivity and high price. In addition to having the utility of texting and phone-calling, which makes contacting an employer or customer much easier when a problem arises, internet access enables one to access one’s emails and also use such communicative apps as Windows Live Messenger, Blackberry Messenger and, less formally, Facebook. In a business situation, an employer could even edit and send reports and business document to an employer or colleague Microsoft Word application.