HR department

Usually in many companies the Human Resource department involved in interviewing, both in carrying them out and aiding managers to adopt good interview practise but usually for anyone being recruited the District manager is involved due to William Hill being a large company into divided into areas and then sub-divided into districts to be conveniently managed. By following the guidelines set for interviews William Hill hope to employ the ‘right’ person for the job also the interview is aimed to be fair to all candidates. For William Hill applicants they have bit of an idea of what their interview will be like due to a checklist is attached at the end of the application form and is clearly stated OFFICE USE.

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It is known to be an INTERVIEW & APPLICATION EVIDENCE MATRIX, which is a competency of nine and is rated from poor to excellent. Also at your interview depending on the position you want to apply for you are required to conduct a 14 question mental maths test which is timed for ten minutes and you must gain at least 10 correct answers. The interview does not take longer than our and the results will be found in the post usually three to four days. The reason for interviews is that they enable those that have been short-listed to be fairly judged according to their competence. This is useful so the person finally employed will be best suited for the position and enable William Hill to achieve corporate objectives.

Equal Opportunity

States that everyone has the same chance. In other words is that a candidate or employee is not discriminated against because of their sex, disability, sexual orientation or race. Some discrimination is legal and may be considered reasonable. I mean William Hill if really desperate would rather employ an ex-Ladbroke manager with 10 years experience than a graduate. The reason why William Hill complies to policy is because it does make them appear to prospective applicants that they treat all staff equal also it is seen that giving everyone the same chance can affect the productivity, costs and organisation of William Hill.

William Hill has detailed and spells out the intentions of the terms of recruitment, training, promotion and monitoring of employees in their hand books to employees so we clearly know how to behave to each other and what in return we expect from William Hill regarding this policy in return. William Hill believe that being equal opportunistic enables the company to build a culture in which fairness and justice plays a major role also they actively welcome job applications from ethnic minority groups, gay groups and the disabled. The reason why it is required to specify on the application for William Hill what your ethnic origin is because William Hill needs to keep effective monitoring of the companies Equal Opportunities Policy.


Once the employment has been made the employee is entitled to a contract of employment. This is an agreement, the employer and employee under which each has certain obligations. It exists to give both parties a degree of protection, certainty and security. This means that it is unlawful to break the terms and conditions in the contract without the other party agreeing also breaching a contract leads to great consequences.

As soon as the contract has been signed it shows acceptance on both sides it also comes into existence from then on. The employment Rights Act, 1996 requires employers to give employees taken on for one month or more a written statement within two months of appointment. This written statement sets out the terms and conditions in the contract. A contract comes in different forms due to the job position you are in or simply the organisations industry but below is usually its common feature but as you can see on my contract form William Hill it is very similar:

1. The name of the company and employee 2. The start date and location 3. Remuneration 4. Hours of work 5. Job title 6. Terms and conditions of employment. Contracts are rules guiding your employment with any firm because it allows you to know what legally can be done if your employer is breaking their side of the bargain. Like I said earlier it is some sort of protection if you’re on the right side because legal actions can be taken also for companies like William Hill to take legal actions against you. Employee contracts are a very important part of the company because it allows building some sort of confidentiality between employee and William Hill.

Also it makes the terms and regulations, which should take part on behalf of the worker and William Hill because the written statement of the contract of employment will contain information about conditions of work and services agreed by employer and employee and these, have to be met. But the contract has some sort of boundary because if either part of the party infringes this term of employment then both can suffer financially as a result of a breach of contract and may claim damages. For example, an employee on a fixed term contract who is asked to work an extra two weeks to finish the job, but is not paid, may claim as a result.

This may lead to bad reputation for the company as they are treating their employee very unfairly and the repercussions could be that the recruitment and selection would be difficult due to very little people wanting to work with them. William Hill will eventually suffer because less staff to produce the service required for customers then consumers would go to competitors and this will decrease corporation profit. I personally feel that this document is effective to a certain degree because it ensures the commitment with William Hill organisation and any appointed staff, which offers them job security because it will cost them to contravene the contract.

The contract, which was offered to me, was rather straightforward and gave me an understanding of my conditions of work and service. Comparison to WHSmith contract, William Hill’s seems rather inadequate this is because it only has the basic requirements of a contract of employment. So I do recommend William should have a better outline of what the contract involves but not to make it as nine pages long because many workers will just skim through it and it means increase variable cost but it gives William Hill Plc a more business like approach in internal affairs.

There are factors the HR department must consider when carrying out interviews Type of interview, formal or informal-The first time interview with the employee should be formal. It should be a one to one meeting where the employee gets to meet the manager or the line manager that is the interviewer, such meetings helps the new recruit cement a sense of welcoming into the business. Mean while others through the panel and etc might even cause a barrier to an effective communication.

Duration of interview- the interview cannot be too brief because this will restrict the amount of information that William Hill needs to collect about the applicant. However, the interview cannot take too long because the business will waste too much time, and employee will also say the same repetitive things again and again. Has candidate completed application letter, C.V, covering letter, are these available for checking before interview-I reckon that this is important repeating the same information in the application form and then when going to interview, they know absolutely nothing about you, then you just have to repeat the whole thing again this makes the process to long and complicated making you want to give up.

From the interviewer points of view too they also need to know a bit about the person before the interview so they can work out what are the right questions to ask. Does the entire selection process meet statutory requirement e.g. Equal pay, Race relations, Sex discrimination etc. I think it does as the equal pay this is stated legally in one of the most important document of recruiting, the contract of employment. As for Race relation this can be bit intimidating when putting down your ethnic Origin in the application form but I believe that this questions is there to meet the equal opportunity section, and race relations.