HR Management

Google, which is well known by many individuals because of Its Internet components. Google has an HRS Image as a creative contributor to business objectives through its work environment guided by HRS. According to the head of HRS at Google, Lazily Bock, the overriding key of HRS at Google is its emphasis on organizational culture and business objectives. The focus of Google HRS is on giving Its employees flexibility to produce results, not Just following core Job requirements.

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Consequently, HRS at Google has established innovative efforts for its people and has made the administrative part of HRS efficient. Minimizing numerous HRS administrative forms, data, and reports by using technology has occurred, which would be expected In a prominent technology firm. At Google, HRS communicates to Its employees extensively about business objectives, organizational results, and relevant current information. Because many of the Google employees are stock shareholders also, they have a personal interest in Google being a successful business.

Thus they continuously want to know the operational results by seeing current reports, data, and Information. Overall, Google’s HRS approach is unique in comparison to the approaches at other companies recognized by Fortune, but its success illustrates that how HRS is established and operates can be a key to organizational success. A different firm with a variety of organizations and a strong HRS culture Is Scripps Network, a prominent television and communications corporation. At Scripps, HRS plays a core role in establishing strategic goals and efforts.

Even when Scripps has merged separate media firms, HRS has focused on getting the cultures of the two entitles to Integrate effectively. Several HRS functions are used to support the culture and core values at Scripps. One Is CASE an active pay-for-performance system to reward employees at higher Job levels with base pay increases, annual incentives, and long-term incentives. Another key part of HRS efforts at Scripps is that HRS emphasizes leadership development throughout the firm.

Additionally, the firm has ideal used work variability efforts such as work-life balance, telecommuting, and worker flexible schedules. These are done as part of a core value at Scripps of “compassion/support. ” A different firm with an extended history of effectively integrating corporate culture and HRS Is UPS. The transportation and logistics delivery firm that operates worldwide. Its culture is different from the cultures of Google and Scripps; however. For more than a decade, UPS has been recognized for its corporate integrity, culture, and HRS inclusion with employees.