Hrm management

Job related Information In a Job analysis and Job description, which Is vital to creating or re-designing Jobs which provide employees with a high level of Job satisfaction (Stone 2002: 123). The basic human resource activity of gathering detailed information about a particular job’s duties, tasks and responsibilities, can help organizations achieve strategic goals more efficiently and effectively by avoiding both duplication and overlapping of work in Jobs, and also providing a Job description by which employers are able to recruit and select the most appropriate employees for the Job (Stone 2002: 128).

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By conducting a regular Job analysis In order to create effective job descriptions, and utilizing this information effectively, managers are able to design Jobs keep employees motivated, performing at a high level and willing to retain their jobs, all while simultaneously utilizing the element of human resources to achieve the organization’s goals (Davidson & Griffin 2000: 18) Middle For example. He problem of an employee Identified as having an unsatisfactory level of production or skill for his or her job may be rectified by either deployment, or offering the employee training and development programs derided from the information of a job analysis (Stone 2002: 128).

In this way, human resource managers can utilize the benefits of a Job analysis to affect and improve an employees level of performance, thereby also assisting the company to reach Its strategic business goals without the regular problems of Job duplication or overlapping, or the costs Involved from a high level of employee turnover (Stone 2002: 128) (Allen & Griffith 1999). The effects of Job analysis and design on the way financial incentives are offered in order to decrease employee turnover.