Human Resource Management

Concluded that there Is a corporate separation which led to a split wealth the three Independent companies. The three Independent companies are Tycoon Electronics Ltd (presently known as TEE Connectivity Ltd. ), Tycoon international Ltd. (previously known as Fire & Security as well as Engineered Products & Services) and Chivvied Ltd. (previously known as Tycoon Healthcare Sector). In the year 2010, Tycoon International proclaimed that they are planning to acquire Brink’s Home Security Holding which was operating under the name Broadside security.

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The entire transaction would be valued at an approximate cost of $2 billion. Tycoon International Ltd. As been referred to as a diversified multinational organization which provides vital products and services to Its customers spread all across the globe. This organization has customers In more than 60 countries. The operations within Tycoon International is handed over by more than 1, 00,000 employees. Tycoon International Is considered to be leading provider for security products, valves, detection products, and fire detection products.

Some of the products which are being made at Tycoon International are Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Hardware, Fire Fighting Foams (Saba, Walter, Unusual, etc), protection devices; engineering survives valves and controls, Grooved Products, fire sprinklers, safety products, circuit protection devices, proactive equipments, CATV, CHEM. Systems, American Dynamics, Access Control Equipments, Radio frequency identification products ; electronic article surveillance. 1. 1 Competitive Strategy: Tycoon international competitive advantage has been seen in regards to be – “the first choice for the customers.

The competitive sustainable advantage can be seen with regards to the market It choose, exceed the commitments, provide access to the newer technologies to Its customers, diverse Its brands, drive operational excellence s well as commit high standards for the betterment of the business practices”. The completive advantage of Tycoon International discussed above would be referred to as a long term growth : strategies for success. The three Human Resource Management (HARM) strategies which will have an impact over the company’s competitive strategy have been discussed in this portion of the assignment.

They are as under: * Leadership & Strategic Human Resource Management: The first human resource management strategy which shall be practiced by Tycoon International is to redefine the various concepts of managerial leadership. This will help the organization to understand as well as work according to the requirements of the customers. Most of the literatures or study material states that leadership refers to the way with which an individual exerts pressure upon the other parties to perform a particular task.

This concept of leadership creates differences between the manager & the leader (Lethal & Edwin, 2002). Whereas, this concept shall be reformed and taken in a positive sense. The concept of leadership shall be framed within Tycoon International in such a way which would help the leaders along with the employees to work together in a well knitted team & help in the achievement of the long and short goals. The leadership styles used within the enterprise shall be changed. The current leadership style which is being used at Tycoon International is autocratic style of leadership.

This means that the employees would be required to work according to whatever is being said by the top officials. This leadership style is not appropriate for the growth of the enterprise. It shall be analyzed that, the democratic leadership style should be adopted at Tycoon International. It should be en that, this style of leadership would act openly & this style would help to run the entire team. The ideas of the individuals would be communicated amongst the other members of the organization (Lethal & Edwin, 2002).

This leadership style will have a positive impact over the competitive strategy of the enterprise. Such type of leadership style would help in order to make changes as well as provide various deals or ways to perform or handle the situations in the enterprise. By adopting this leadership style, the entire decision making process would become quite slow (Keller, 1999). Hence, the enterprise would take long period of time to adopt as well as implement the new methods in the organizations (Mallet & Ribald, 2007).

This type of leadership style would also help to bring the best out of all the employees working in a team. The democratic leaders would shine in the organization when the entire decision making process becomes very complex to handle (Keller, 1999). The democratic leaders in such a situation would help in order to use its expertise in the various domains which would help the organization in the future years to come. The democratic leadership would be quite successful & effective in the organization I. E.

Tycoon international due to the following reasons. The reasons would be quite helpful in providing a positive impact over the competitive strategy discussed above in this assignment. The reasons are as under: * Practice open communication amongst all the members of the organization: The first aspect which should be kept in mind by the democratic leaders would be to practice open communication amongst all the members of the organization. Each & every individual should try to open up with one another by sharing their views, opinions, etc.

In such type of a leadership style, all the members of the enterprise are allowed the conversation: It must be seen that, all the decisions shall be structured in a well defined manner. Proper balance must be created between the Job & the ideas flown by the various people involved (Day, 2000). * Commitment: The level of commitment in case of democratic leadership style should be quite high. In this type of leadership style, many suggestions or possibilities would arise where in commitment would be required. Therefore, it must be seen that, at the time of need Lear & self explanatory commitment should be practiced (Keller, 1999). Respect the ideas, thoughts of others: As mentioned above that, this type of leadership style instills the people working in the organization to share as well as respect each other’s opinions and views (Giber, Carter ; Goldsmith, 2000). Therefore, structured discussions should be practiced by the same. Fair balance should be created between ideas and goals to be achieved in the years to come. It must be seen that proper flow of ideas should be kept in mind while practicing the same (Giber, Carter ; Goldsmith, 2000).

Make other employees understand: It must be kept into consideration that all the people involved in the decision making shall be made understood that their thoughts would be considered valid. The decisions in the organization should be communicated to all the people involved in the same (Day, 2000). * Re-engineering and strategic human resource management (SHIRR): The second HARM strategy which would have a positive impact over the competitive strategy mentioned above is in respect to re-engineering and SHIRR. It must be seen that, all the models of the human resource management shall emphasize upon the significance of the organizational design.

The soft model of HARM shall be used at Tycoon International. This would help in order to encourage the vertical ; horizontal tasks which would have greater worker autonomy. The redesign of the workers would help in order to label high performing work systems (House, 1971). With the help of business processing re-engineering high levels of commitment can be seen within the enterprise I. E. Tycoon International. This would help in order to emphasize more upon the features as well as the organizational design ; management.

The redesign of the entire organization would help in order to flatten the hierarchy followed within the enterprise. Flattening of the hierarchy will help the organization to have a competitive advantage in terms of decision making, line up the managers, work in teams, enable technology, have strong leadership ; set HRS practices which would help the workers to enable behavior in a well defined manner keeping in mind the culture as well as the goal of the enterprise (Mallet ; Ribald, 2007). * Trade unions and strategic human resource management:

The trade unions shall get along with the strategic human resource management in the best possible manner. High levels of commitment in regards to the HRS strategies shall be taken into consideration. This would have a positive impact over the competitive strategies mentioned above. The strategies related to Human Resource shall be designed in order to provide workers with a feeling which would help them to overcome the false feeling regarding the security of Job (Mallet ; Ribald, 2007). The strategies shall be such which would help in order to discuss the underlying sources for conflict amongst the employment relations.

This would also help in order to impact the competitive advantage as well as have a pluralistic organization ; vice versa. 3. Conclusion Hence, it could be concluded that this assignment takes into consideration three human resource management (HARM) strategies which would help Tycoon International. The three human resource strategies which have been discussed are leadership and strategic human resource management (SHIRR), re-engineering and strategic human resource management (SHIRR) ; trade unions and strategic human resource management (SHIRR).