Human Resource Management Strategy

Dino Italia migrated to Perth, Western Australia from Italy in 1955 and worked incredibly hard to save money and open up his first cafi in 1960. Dino’s family came from a background in restaurants and cafi s; therefore Dino knew what it took to produce good food and coffee that people desired. Though the cafi was something new to Australia, Dino’s first cafi was so popular he had to meet the demand by opening another cafi followed by another and another.

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Presently Dino’s company Espresso Pty Ltd, where he is Managing Director, owns ten cafis, and is looking to expand into the larger markets of Sydney and Melbourne, as well as starting an import business, importing produce direct from Italy. One of Dino’s previous staff members has just taken Dino to court for wrongful dismissal, after Dino sacked the employee on the spot for continually making coffee the wrong way. As well as the court case, his company is experiencing constant staffing problems, related to the high turn-over rate of staff within the industry.

This increases the workload and stress on long-term staff, and decreases the quality of service that can be given by staff. Dino wants to avoid staffing problems by lifting the standard of his employees and the way they work. As the new Human Resource (HR) manager for Dino’s company I am planning to achieve increases in efficiency and effectiveness by implementing employee selection and performance management processes. These human resource management functions are very important, as they relate to the way staff are selected to work within the company, and their performance whilst at work.

As well as the above two human resource management functions, I have researched legal issues related to the company and the ways HR will influence the Espresso’s processes. Business Problems Two Dino’s company is facing a number of problems, all of which need to be overcome if the business is to expand and reach its full potential. The problems occurring within Dino’s cafis are as follows: – Staff turnover is dreadfully high.

A high staff turnover rate is the norm for a business within the hospitality industry, but if this percentage can be reduced, it will definitely increase the quality of service provided. – Each cafi?? is very busy; hence staff are often stressed out and over-worked. Though it must be said that stress and burn-out can be avoided through job analysis, and through increasing the amount of part-time and casual staff each cafi?? employs. – A previous employee has just taken the company to court for wrongful dismissal, after Dino sacked him on the spot for continually making coffee the wrong way.

Court cases like this can be avoided if hasty on the spot decisions stop being made. – It is hard to find quality staff within the hospitality industry in Australia, and it is harder to retain them over a long period of time. This is a well-known fact among restaurateurs that quality staff is hard to find and harder to hold on too, though I believe this is more of a myth than a fact. As there are ample capable workers out there they just need to be given guidelines and incentives to work.

Due to the amount of time it takes to find new employees, current employees have to multi-task, and are made to arrange jobs that would normally be done by other employees. Future Goals Three Dino has visioned the expansion of his company into a national company for a long time. Dino’s company has gotten to the point where he needs to employ a human resource manager, and two other group managers, to deal with all the problems that he is not able to deal with, so he as managing director of the company can focus all his attention on the expansion plans of the company.