Human Resource Planning

For this task, I will show the responsibilities covered by the human resources function within the business and show thorough understanding of the importance of these resources to the business. To get A2, I will show a critical understanding of the contribution that effective human resources management can make to improve the competitiveness of the business and illustrate the points effectively.

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A businesses human resources department have to plan carefully to ensure they have the right number of suitable employees for their needs. To do this they need a good understanding of the labour market in the areas where they operate. These are the following labour market factors for human resources planning: Local employment trends Local skills shortages Competition for employees Availability of labour Human resources planning also involve looking at how labour is organised within the business.

The human resources planning department of Boots is concerned with getting the right people, using them well and developing them in order to meet the goals of the organisation’s aims successfully, it is necessary to identify the means of using people in the most effective way and to identify any problems that are likely to occur (for example in recruiting the best people), and the coming up with solutions to the problem identified. For example, if Boots decided to expand into France and Germany the human resources will need to identify:

The skills and competences it will need the new employees to have. How many people with these capabilities it will be able to recruit. Ways of training and developing people to meet these skill requirements. The figure below shows the various stages in the human resource planning process of Boots. The top left-hand side of the diagram is concerned with an analysis of the likely future supply of the right sorts of people, while the to right-hand side looks at the expected future demand for the right sort of people.

The human resources plan is concerned with ways of matching up these two sides. Demand side The human resources department for labour will depend on the plans Boots has for the future, in particular the big plans what is also refer to as ‘strategic plans’. For example if Superdrug had twice as many stores as Boots therefore Boots will have to set out an expansion programme of opening new stores. This is a strategic plan. This will also involve the recruiting of greater many more employees. Forecasting the demand for human resources.

Boots demand for human resources is estimated by analysing its future plans and by estimating the levels of activity within the business. Supply side Boots works out the supply of labour available by examining the number of people available to work, how long they can work for, their ability to do the required jobs, their productivity and other factors. The supply of labour is made up of two sources internal and external. Getting the recruitment process right The recruitment process can be very costly.

It takes a great deal of time to set up an effective recruitment process involving deciding on what the jobs that are to be recruited for will entail, advertising, shifting through applications, checking which applications best meet the criteria set down for the post, interviewing candidates and, finally, selecting the best candidate for the post. Procedures for attracting and recruiting applicants Boots most valuable resource is its workforce, the people who work for it. Therefore managers give careful thought to the needs of employees.

An organisation can have the latest technology and the best physical resources but, unless it looks after its people, it will never thrive and achieve the best results. Recruiting individuals to fill particular posts within Boots can be done: Internally, by recruiting within Boots Externally, by recruiting people from outside. The advantages of recruiting from within are as follows: Considerable savings is made. Individuals with inside knowledge of how Boots operates will need shorter periods of training and time for fitting in.

The organisations are unlikely to be disrupted by someone who is not used to working with other in Boots. Internal promotion acts as an incentive to all of the staff to work harder for Boots. From Boots point of view, the personnel staff should already have been able to asses the strengths and weaknesses of an insider. The disadvantages of recruiting form within are as follows: HR will have to replace the person who has been promoted. An insider may be less likely to make the essential criticisms required to get boots working more effectively.

Promotion of one person in Boots may upset another. Planning when and how to advertise Job advertisements form an important part of Boots recruitment process. Boots is able to communicate job vacancies to a selected audience by this means. Most job advertisements are written or at least checked by the personnel department, a task involving the same skill as marketing a product. Advertisements reach those people who have the qualities to fill the vacancy.