Human Resource – Recruitment Strategy

Bright Future Consulting Company Limited is an international middle size consulting company located in Silom area, the heart of business district in Bangkok. The company’s main clients are well-known Thai companies as well as leading international companies; therefore, all employees of the company must be fluent in English in order to communicate with the clients. Right now, the company is looking for candidates to fill in the three vacant positions which are Junior Administrative Assistant, Accountant in Accounts Receivable section and Entry Level Consulting.

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After a careful observation, the Human Resources Executive comes up with most three effective advertising channels which are newspaper, posters, and banner on website. First, the newspaper, the company will make an advertisement in the Bangkok Post newspaper. The reason that the Human Resources Executive chose the Bangkok Post is that because the Bangkok Post is the main Bangkok based English newspaper widely read throughout the metropolitan Bangkok with its estimated readers of 500,000 copies per day which is the best source for the company to reach potential candidates.

This is the first step of screening the candidates as the people who read the Bangkok Post are good at English and they tend to have business knowledge. The company will advertise only two positions in the newspaper, Junior Administrative Assistant, and Entry Level Consulting as the space on the newspaper is limited and it is a better to recruit candidates for Accountant in Accounts Receivable section using the other media. For the advertising rate, it costs 1,180 Baht per square inch per day to advertise in the classified section of the Bangkok Post newspaper.

The recruitment advertisement has the size of 4″*5″= 20 square inches which costs 23,600 Baht per day (1,180*20). The company decided to advertise on Monday and Saturday of the first week and Monday of the second week of the month. Therefore, the total cost for the newspaper channel is 70,800 Baht (23,600*3). Second, the poster, the poster will be placed in front of the international office and around the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy of Thailand’s leading universities such as Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, Kasetsart University and Mahidol University.

The positions that will be advertised on the poster are Junior Administrative Assistant, Accountant in Accounts Receivable section or known as Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper, and Entry Level Consulting. The reason why the company put all these three positions on the poster and put the poster in those places is because the company wants to reach the new graduates and the master degree students to work in such positions which do not require much past experience. Also, the graduates from these well-known universities are the great resources and have high competent and capability in doing such jobs in their field of studies.

The cost of printing a four-colored poster is 20 Baht per piece. Therefore, the total cost of printing 80 pieces of poster placed 20 pieces in each universities is 1,600 Baht. Third, the banner, the company will post a banner in the home page of www. jobthai. com (Position D), a Thailand based job classified website. The reason to choose this website is because it comes up to be the first website when searching for the word “job” in Google website and due to the fact that it is a job classified website, the user of this website must be interested in finding jobs at the moment.

When click at the banner, the banner will link to the career opportunity page on the Bright Future Consulting’s website where all of descriptions about vacant positions will be shown in this page. The banner costs 9,900 Baht per month. In conclusion, the Human Resources Executive is quite confident that company will get desirable candidates to fill in these three vacant positions from using the above media, Bangkok Post newspaper, poster, and website banner. These three channels cost the company with the total amount of 82,300 Baht which is within the given budget of 100,000 Baht.