Human resources management

Pay structure, incentives, and benefits: To implement any strategy pay scheme plays an important role. Standard level of pay and benefits motivates the employee and persuade them to provide of their best while at work. It also ensures to the competitor that company attracts and preserve high quality employees which give a competitive advantage. Or on the other hand to motivate the employees company can announce some performance pay which can inspire the employees and help the organisation to reach the goals.

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Finally organisation can introduce some other benefits to its employee like luncheon vouchers, subsidised meals, discount purchase schemes and the range of welfare provisions like free chiropody and cheap hairdressing (Torrington et al. 2002). Labour and employee relations: Raymond et al. (2006) states that the general approach to relations with employees can strongly affect their potential for gaining competitive advantage.

Most of the companies are unionized and it is important to have a good relation between management and employees union. Employees are assets of the company so the organisation’s need to choose to invest on them or reduce the outlay. It might appear that a review of current skills against the needs of TWF and their clients is needed. It may emerge that a recruitment and selection of qualified and experienced management consultants is one of TWF’s most pressing needs.

What strategy or approach might you recommend in regards to assessing current consultancy skills alongside the potential recruitment and selection of additional consultants? At present in a highly competitive market regarding this issue Human Resource Department can play a significant role by hiring qualified and experienced candidate. But before hiring new consultants we need to make a strategy to find out the reason why the existing consultants are failed to deliver the standard of work or any other particular reasons.

After find out the reasons we will make some training and development programme which will improve their skills up to standard. With these for clients need and meeting their time limit we will recruit new consultants. Decision making: Finally the decision making procedure is the most important part in recruitment. With this we will decide who to employ as soon as possible by using structured scoring system while they participate all the selection tests.

Taking notes during the tests which will help us to make decision but also giving them feedback. We will inform them about our decision as soon as possible whether successful or unsuccessful. By giving positive feedback to unsuccessful candidates we will make sure that they have been treated fairly and courteously (Torrington et al. 2002). As a market leader in Management Consultant Company we need to make sure that people working for us are coming from the different social background and got the opportunity to represent in our company.